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Growjo Awards Fastest Growing Nashville Companies List For 2019

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List of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Nashville, Tennessee coming from technology startups, digital health companies and more.

Growjo, a data provider of the fastest growing companies, just announced the top 100 companies for Nashville in terms of growth and predicted growth. These companies have been recognized for their fast pace growth over several growth metrics including hiring trends, funding and financial data, web traffic, brand awareness growth and more, to determine companies on the up and up.

Some of these top companies represented include: JumpCrew, Trilliant Health, Relode, Relatient, ProviderTrust, i3 Verticals, Clearwater and Studio Bank.

“It’s impressive to see that Nashville is not only growing as a city, but also to see the companies within its boundaries to take off,” said Tom Blue, CEO of Growjo. “It is also great to see the diversity in sectors which included Hospitals, digital health and technology.”

The full list of the Fastest Growing Companies in Nashville can be filtered out by different parameters or exported entirely. The list will be updated regularly so it is nice to check back quarterly and be on the lookout for their 2020 list.

Growjo only includes companies on a high growth path that are currently under 1000 employees. The list is inclusive of all growing companies based on a variety of data sources, and submission and/or payment is not required, giving companies a more accurate depiction of how they stand in their respective markets.

Growjo, the leader in awarding the fastest growing companies in the world, utilizes more than 20 unique growth indicators to assimilate the Growjo rankings every month. Growjo recognizes the top growing companies for their accomplishments through the algorithm-based list ranking, and offers the list to anyone interested in an easily formatted and free downloadable format. If you are interested in learning more about Growjo and how you can subscribe to updates and download the free list, visit

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