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Harlan Capital Partners Closes Its Special Opportunities Fund V With $130 Million

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Harlan Capital Partners successfully raised $130 million for its Special Opportunities Fund V, focusing on asset-based finance and opportunistic credit investments in niche markets. The fund targets sectors like media, technology, telecommunications, and specialty finance, leveraging market inefficiencies and providing flexible capital solutions. Key investments include Connext Networks, Collective Ace Group, Gray Cube Sports, and Augusta Distillery.

Harlan Capital Partners Achieves Fundraising Milestone

Harlan Capital Partners has announced the successful closing of its Special Opportunities Fund V, securing $130 million in capital. This significant milestone highlights the firm’s continued growth and its strategic focus on asset-based finance and opportunistic credit investments. The fund aims to provide flexible capital solutions to niche and emerging companies that have low correlation to mainstream markets.

Inside the $130 Million Special Opportunities Fund V

The Special Opportunities Fund V targets asset-based finance and opportunistic credit investments. Harlan Capital Partners seeks to invest in sectors that are underrepresented in the mainstream financial markets. These include technology, telecommunications, media, and specialty finance. The fund’s strategy involves leveraging market inefficiencies by utilizing the firm’s extensive market expertise and proprietary network.

Key aspects of the fund’s strategy:

  • Investing in non-traditional companies and asset types.
  • Providing flexible capital to niche and emerging markets.
  • Identifying and exploiting market inefficiencies.
  • Utilizing a proprietary network for deal sourcing.

Who Are the Investors Behind the Fund?

The Special Opportunities Fund V has attracted a diverse group of investors. These include family offices, high-net-worth individuals, wealth management firms, fund-of-funds, and nonprofit endowments. These investors are drawn to Harlan Capital’s unique investment strategy and vision of providing flexible capital solutions. Their participation underscores the trust and confidence in Harlan Capital’s approach to investing in niche and emerging markets.

Types of investors involved:

  • Family offices
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Wealth management firms
  • Fund-of-funds
  • Nonprofit endowments

Unveiling Key Investments: High-Growth Sectors and Beyond

The fund has already made several notable investments in high-growth sectors. These investments reflect the fund’s strategic focus and its commitment to identifying opportunities in niche markets.

Key investments include:

  • Connext Networks: Expanding fiber-to-the-home networks targeting over 100,000 homes in the Interstate 15 corridor.
  • Collective Ace Group: Acquiring and operating leading independent video game development studios and game intellectual property.
  • Gray Cube Sports: Providing structured credit to soccer teams, collateralized by player transfer fee receivables.
  • Augusta Distillery: Financing for Kentucky Bourbon inventory in partnership with the distillery that won Best Bourbon in the World for 2023 at the San Francisco World Spirits Award.

The Strategy: Navigating Market Inefficiencies

Harlan Capital Partners employs a strategy that focuses on market inefficiencies, leveraging their proprietary network and extensive market expertise. By targeting sectors such as media, technology, telecommunications, and specialty finance, the firm identifies and invests in opportunities that are often overlooked by mainstream investors. The firm’s approach involves providing flexible capital solutions and creative deal structures that offer attractive risk/reward potential.

Key elements of the strategy include:

  • Targeting low-correlation assets and non-traditional markets
  • Utilizing creative deal structures like revenue-based financing and structured debt
  • Investing in assets and companies with tangible or intangible sources of cash flow
  • Concentrating on inefficient markets with limited competition

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The People Behind Harlan Capital Partners

Harlan Capital Partners was established in 2010 by Joshua D. Harlan and Leonard M. Harlan. The firm benefits from the extensive experience and expertise of its founders and key team members. Joshua D. Harlan, the Founder and Managing Partner, has played a pivotal role in shaping the firm’s investment strategy and vision. Leonard M. Harlan, Co-Founder and Partner, brings a wealth of experience in private credit and asset-based finance.

Why Now? The Timing of Harlan Capital’s Fund V

The closing of the Special Opportunities Fund V comes at a crucial time, given the current market conditions. The pullback in bank financing, rising interest rates, and the increasing demand to monetize intellectual property make this an opportune moment for Harlan Capital Partners to deploy its capital. With over a decade of experience in investing in niche alternative assets, the firm is well-positioned to navigate and capitalize on the current market landscape.

Market conditions influencing the fund’s timing:

  • Pullback in traditional bank financing
  • Rising interest rates
  • Increased demand for monetizing intellectual property

Future Prospects: What’s Next for Harlan Capital?

Looking ahead, Harlan Capital Partners is poised to continue its growth and success in identifying and investing in unique opportunities. The firm plans to expand its portfolio by targeting additional niche markets and emerging asset classes. By maintaining its focus on flexible capital solutions and creative deal structures, Harlan Capital aims to provide significant value to its investors and contribute to the growth of the sectors it invests in.

Potential future directions:

  • Expanding investments in high-growth sectors like technology and media
  • Identifying new niche markets and emerging asset classes
  • Continuing to provide flexible and innovative capital solutions

The Impact of Harlan Capital’s $130 Million Fund

The successful closing of the Special Opportunities Fund V underscores Harlan Capital Partners’ ability to attract significant investment and identify unique opportunities in niche markets. By leveraging their extensive experience and proprietary network, the firm is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the current market environment. The $130 million fund marks a significant milestone for Harlan Capital Partners, reflecting their commitment to providing flexible capital solutions and creating value for their investors.

Key takeaways:

  • Harlan Capital Partners’ successful $130 million fundraising
  • Strategic focus on niche markets and non-traditional investments
  • Continued growth and expansion in high-growth sectors and emerging asset classes
  • Strong investor confidence in Harlan Capital’s vision and strategy

This comprehensive overview of Harlan Capital Partners’ Special Opportunities Fund V provides insights into the firm’s strategic approach, key investments, and future prospects, highlighting its significant impact on the investment landscape.

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