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HCSS Helps Thousands Of Construction Companies In The US And Canada Streamline Their Businesses With Trusted Estimating, Operations, And Fleet Software

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Below is our recent interview with Mike Rydin, CEO at HCSS:

Q: What does HCSS do, and what products do you provide?

A: HCSS helps thousands of construction companies in the US and Canada streamline their businesses with trusted estimating, operations, and fleet software. Companies can equip every employee with the data to make better decisions in the field, office, or shop, and with HCSS’ 12-month money-back guarantee on all new software purchases they get value out of every feature they implement or their money back.

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Q: How was HCSS started?

A: CEO Mike Rydin started HCSS in 1986 out of his home, building HeavyBid to help estimators bid more work in less time. He pioneered HCSS’ beloved 24/7 Instant Support because, as a former estimator, he knew the feeling of staying up all night to get a bid out.

HCSS listens to customers to address their real problems. From the first Users Group Meeting with just six customers to the most recent with 1,400, HCSS has gathered feedback on software, educated on features and business processes, and connected customers with peers to discuss industry issues and best practices.

Today, HCSS’ 12-acre campus can house 800 employees, but the values established in Mike’s home haven’t changed: give customers high-quality solutions that fit their needs. Answer support calls in 3 rings or less night or day. Reduce the risk of buying software and assure customer success with offerings like the money-back guarantee and the 90-day proven implementation process. And hire, retain, and empower people who want to build long-term partnerships with customers and truly understand their businesses.

Q: What kinds of companies use your products?

A: HCSS has solutions to equip every employee in the heavy civil and infrastructure construction industry. Contractors from under $1M to well over $1B use HCSS products to streamline operations for the many types of construction: highways, dams, bridges, tunnels, earthwork, underground utilities, airports, railroads, pipelines, power, concrete, wastewater, industrial, demolition, trucking / hauling, environmental, and marine facilities. Nineteen of the top 20 ENR transportation contractors and 47 of the top 50 ENR heavy civil contractors use HCSS solutions.

Q: What benefits do your products provide your customers?

A: HCSS products virtually eliminate paper and paper’s costs and inefficiencies. Easy to use, HCSS software makes it simple to gather data and share it throughout the company for faster and better decisions in their estimating, field entry, safety, and other critical processes. It allows fewer people to accomplish more work and combat the construction workforce shortage. For example, project managers and foremen can run multiple jobs simultaneously, with full visibility into costs, progress, and issues. HCSS software also allows immediate electronic retrieval of any data needed to justify claims, change orders, or in case of disputes.

Companies making full use of the HCSS suite, like those on the Unlimited User Plan, can provide data to owners and executives, estimators, operations managers, safety directors, shop managers, IT managers, mechanics–even truck drivers and flaggers. With the right tools in their hands, each employee can make time- and cost-saving decisions. In addition, every employee contributes data to give executives insight into all stages of the project lifecycle and inform strategic growth decisions.

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Q: What are your newest products, and what do they do?

A: HCSS Aerial is intelligent drone software purpose-built for heavy construction. Key stakeholders can easily visualize and analyze projects’ progress and profitability. In hours, capture and report on volume measurements, visual inspections, progress analytics, and digital documentation to make decisions on the most accurate data possible.

HCSS myField is an easy-to-use mobile time tracking and engagement application that allows operators, laborers, flaggers, truck drivers, craftsmen, and office personnel to input their own time, equipment inspections, cost codes, safety observations, maintenance requests, and more. Foremen never have to make assumptions when filling out time cards. It fully integrates with HCSS job management, safety, equipment, and dispatching software.

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