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HeadBox Is Revolutionizing How People Find And Book Venues

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HeadBox is advancing the industry by changing the process of finding and booking spaces. The process is shortened by directly and seamlessly connecting guests and hosts. Headbox is making brilliant things happen by connecting spaces and people. Below is our recent interview with Andrew Needham, the fonder and CEO of HeadBox:

Andrew Needham

Q: Andrew, what is HeadBox? Tell us something more about your vision?

A: HeadBox is the UK’s first online marketplace for inspiring meeting, off-site and event spaces, with over 4000 venues across the UK. It allows corporate and SME guests to instantly search, book and pay for amazing spaces, all in one place. Our vision is to change the way people think about space, unlocking people’s imagination to the different uses and applications of space and what incredible things can be created, made, experienced and achieved within the right venue.

Q: You’ve recently announced £1.4M in new funding; could you tell us something more?

A: Our latest funding round was 40% oversubscribed with major new shareholders bringing decades of experience in the areas of hospitality, software & technology, social and digital marketing, PR and private equity to the HeadBox cause. We plan to use the investment to continue developing our product and improving the platform for our Guests and Hosts. We’re also preparing to launch HeadBox into some more major global cities in the near future.

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Q: In the last six months, HeadBox bookings have grown by 400%; what’s the coolest use of HeadBox you’ve seen?

A: We worked with PayasUgym last year to find a venue for an all day event called Urban Movement, where over 100 participants joined a huge 70 minute fitness class. We needed somewhere with the space to accommodate a large fitness class with the equipment, the perfect atmosphere and most importantly a great sound system to make the event work perfectly. We suggested repurposing a well known London nightclub in Shoreditch. The event was a huge success and the nightclub made money from that booking when the venue would have otherwise been empty.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: To continue to build the Guest demand and user experience while launching more cities over the coming months. We’ve recently released an events industry first: new dynamic pricing for space booking. to solve the ongoing lack of transparency in our industry. Our dynamic pricing is by far the most advanced in our industry considering that the majority of our competitors still operate a venue directory model and aren’t transactional. This is the future of venue booking and we want to make it as easy as booking a flight or a hotel room, so watch this space for what’s coming next.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using HeadBox?

A: The process of finding and booking a venue is outdated, inefficient and time consuming. It normally takes weeks of multiple calls, voicemails, emails, contracts and invoices to secure a space. We knew that there had to be a more simple, easy and quick way of doing that and so we decided to build a website which would have everything you need all in one place. We’re the first online marketplace within the UK where you can instantly search, book and pay for the venue of your choice online. You can browse through professional photographs, check menus, floorpans and even FAQ documents without leaving the website. We also offer 3D tours of some venues so you can do a site visit from the comfort of your own desk! (Although you can also Booking a Viewing directly with the Host on the platform if you like.) If you have another question, you can then use the HeadBox Instant Messenger to discuss any of your needs. With 4000 venues across the UK, we’re quickly becoming the one stop shop for any professional looking for a venue for their meetings, off-sites and events.

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