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High-Tech Coaching Platform LeggUP Connects The Dots For Employees And Businesses Who Seek Professional Coaching

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Below is our recent interview with Tom Finn, Co-Founder and CEO at LeggUP:

Tom Finn

Q: Tom, tell us something more about the LeggUP platform?

A: LeggUP makes it possible for people from all professional backgrounds to gain access to high-quality business coaches through their employer. We provide an affordable solution for employees to connect with coaches in locations all over the world. Imagine a day when you’re excited to go to work and thrilled with your future opportunities. We have put personal development and professional training at people’s fingertips by creating the LeggUP platform.

Q: Who is LeggUP designed to benefit?

A: There are three connected groups who benefit from the LeggUP coaching platform:
• Employees, or learners, benefit from easier access to the coaching they’re looking for.
• Professional coaches benefit from getting better access to learners, as well as a wealth of professional development tools.
• Enterprises can strengthen their teams and their whole organization by implementing a custom Human Capital Management, coaching strategy as an employee benefit.

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Q: How exactly does LeggUP work?

A: People struggling with their careers or unhappy in their jobs represent about 70% of the world’s population. That means that on Sunday night 7 out of 10 people are suffering from anxiety and stress caused by the fear of Monday mornings. LeggUP is designed to end the Sunday night blues.

Users log into the LeggUP platform and are able to search for a professional coach from lots of different areas of expertise. If you’re a manager and you want to build a high performing team, you can log in and find a coach to help you. Or if you’re an employee who needs some help moving into a different job, or simply need help with a sales and marketing plan, you can be confident that you’re getting support from the best coaches in the world.

Once an employee has found a coach, our progressive coaching platform uses technology to connect them with their coach through integrated video and chat. Everything from file sharing to billing is integrated into the platform so that LeggUP becomes a 1-stop shop for your professional development.

Q: What is the most revolutionary aspect of the platform?

A: Coaching technology is certainly revolutionary, but the biggest potential for change is by far the way the platform lowers the barrier of entry into the world of professional coaching. Every athlete, musician, actor, race car driver in the world has a coach and now, so can the rest of us; still, never before has professional training and business coaching been offered by an employer to anyone but executives. LeggUP is designed to change this paradigm, opening up coaching to the rest of us who previously couldn’t afford the high cost of executive coaching. Through our dynamic online platform, we have found a way to bring down the cost, but maintain quality of professional coaching, providing employees all over the world with the best business coaching platform. Our goal is nothing less than a system where coaching is the norm for mid-level employees.

Q: What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

A: We get this question all the time, and it’s important to understand the differences between coaching and consulting. Consultants tend to provide specific solutions to specific problems. Typically, consultants have a tangible deliverable, something that is crafted and given to the purchaser, like a PowerPoint document or survey results and action plan.

Coaching, on the other hand, focuses more on soft-skills development. Our coaches help to identify the unique skills and needs of an individual and build on them. This means they’re attuned to the nuances of an individual and can help them succeed in the “small things,” in a way that adds up to a big change, no matter what their current job.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is no fee for employees to use the site. You simply pay coaches as you go, for the coaching you’re looking for. To ensure that we were actually lowering the barriers to coaching, we wanted to make sure there was no cost to employees to browse the site and look for coaches. Most coaches offer a single-session and many of them give discounts for packages of multiple sessions. Coaching can cost anywhere from $100 – $500 per hour, with a long-term return on happiness and productivity that is exponential.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: LeggUP launched in April 2018 in 25 countries around the world. We are now offering professional coaching to employees around the world. As we turn our eye to the future we are focused on a couple of different areas. Ensuring that the learner or employee journey through our technology platform is easy and affordable. In addition, we are continuing to build the network of talented coaches to meet the demand for our users. Our users are looking for choice and value when searching for business coaches, and keeping our eye on both is critical.

The LeggUP coaching platform enables employees to be happy and productive in their jobs, and our vision is to empower people to grow. To accomplish this task, we need to ensure that our coaching roster is deep and the cost is maintained at a level that is affordable for all employees.

One horizon of growth we’re working on now, which will simultaneously make coaching more available, and more cost-effective, is bolstering the number of enterprises that utilize a LeggUP solution to provide coaching for their teams. If LeggUP isn’t offered by your employer as an employee benefit, please contact your HR department or reach out to our team at LeggUP contact.

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