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How Bunkr Reach More Than 50000 Users In Just One Year?

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French startup Bunkr helps you create professional presentations. Today Bunkr is present in more than 150 countries with more than 50 000 users. Edouard Petit Co-Founder of Bunkr share story of Bunkr’s success and vision for the future:

Bunkr Founders (Jean Christophe Fossati, Alexis Jamet, Edouard Petit)

“In a society where everything must go very fast, we started from the premise that managers, researchers, designers, students and the majority of people entered in the work’s world spent more time creating presentations rather than doing the job they were hired to and in which they excel. For us, presentations must be a support, quickly created to support speech or simplify an idea. However, applications and presentation software currently on the market rather focus on content development, such as text transitions and images on a single slide.”

“Today create a presentation has become a waste of time, to the extent that creators of presentations spend more time developing a complex presentation than doing the work they love. However, the thing we are fighting for in Bunkr is time saving. We want to offer to all those who create presentations, whether they are students, managers, teachers or employees, the means of producing presentations by saving time. Save time to do what they like and go back to home earlier.”

“Our goal is to simplify the process of creating presentations by not focusing on the contents of the media but on the data it contains. We wish for example to give users access to all their data directly from Bunkr, even if they come from a hard drive, cloud or sharing platforms, but also allow them to work with collaborators to exchange slides and data, in order to save even more time. In the same way, the sharing of presentations is also simplified, enabling all users to broadcast their presentations in two clicks.”

“Our mission, “Kill Powerpoint” has attracted many people who created presentations. Indeed, many people are frustrated in their use of the presentation because they feel (and they’re right) they spend more time upstream to prepare the presentation than doing their real work. Moreover, Powerpoint is a 25 year old tool. In an era where everything must be renewed quickly, many were expecting a revolutionary tool, really adapted to their needs and new technologies.”

“At the launch of Bunkr, we contacted 10 people relatively close to the project and who wanted to help us develop awareness Bunkr. They used Bunkr, but it is mainly for their geographical location that we selected them. Having relays everywhere around the world has enabled us to spread our message to other segments of people, not just at European level: we wanted to communicate worldwide.”

“When we sent a message, articles, news, the ambassadors shared it. The ambassadors also had a special role in events, in so far as they agreed to provide a monthly event around Bunkr and presentation in their country.”

“Thanks to their help we now have users in 150 different countries and more than 50,000 users in just one year and we do not intend to stop there!”

“Today, we want to evolve the ambassadors program concept, giving people a real reason to use Bunkr, and keys to do it well and quickly. The previous ambassador system was a good way to evangelize Bunkr at its beginning, but it now request to be reorganized. Now, we are thinking about an ambassador program more mature, more in line with what we want to do of Bunkr in the future.”

“We are currently working on developing a larger scale of this ambassadors system, with representatives from students, teachers, incubators, startups, speakers, but also being event partners. To do this, each user segment will have a specific program, with ambassadors in line with the business sector and the expectations of users. The ambassador program will work in a larger project: Bunkr University. We want to become referents in presentation, offering advice to our users in specific topics, in line with their expectations and needs.”

“Bunkr is not: another app that focuses on the aesthetics of presentations. We want Bunkr to be considered as the antidote to Powerpoint, in order to save time by making presentations to improve the way people create presentations, in a collaborative way, connected and especially without loss of time.”

“At Bunkr, we every day are cultivating our warrior hearts. By cracking down a giant we know that the battle will be long, but we believe in all of us, in the crew, to meet this huge challenge. This is why we are hiring skilled and motivated Powerpoint haters, with whom we work every day in order to win the fight. It’s in our culture to change things, improve our lives, and for our beliefs, we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.”

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