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How Screendragon Mobilized Its Workforce But Kept Everything Together

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Jan Quant is the CEO of Screendragon, an all in one work management platform for Marketing, Agency & Professional Services teams. Like many companies, Screendragon’s employees have been working from home since 9th March due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Among Screendragon’s customers are Fortune 500 companies and large agencies that require close account management and regular product updates. Let’s find out how they’ve kept clients and employees happy while #workingfromhome.

Q: Let’s kick things off, Jan. Can you please briefly explain what Screendragon do?

A: To put it simply, Screendragon is a tool that helps companies manage their work and their resources. Our software streamlines operations by enhancing project planning, automating workflows and managing resources. This can help companies reduce costs, improve speed to market, and keep content on brand. We like to see our software as a tool that selects the right person to do the right job at the right time.

Q: The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every company globally. How has it impacted Screendragon’s operations?

A: We live in testing times and like everyone else, we had to adjust. Our leadership team took the decision to mobilize our workforce quite early in the pandemic outbreak to ensure everyone’s safety. We are fortunate enough to be able to work remotely as our software is 100% cloud based. This means that product maintenance and client updates can be done from anywhere in the world. While it took a few days to adjust to the remote way of working, I think we’re now operating at the same level as we were prior to the pandemic. So, to conclude, apart from the location of our employees, our operations haven’t changed much at all.

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Q: How has work changed since your workforce became remote?

A: For obvious reasons, our teams can no longer meet face to face. Our regular meetings between marketing and sales, project managers, or developers are now done via video conferencing. While nothing beats getting people together in a room, you can achieve almost as much progress via a conference call. I think our team have embraced the new way of working and communicating and we are getting more effective every week. We place a lot of trust in our team to find a way of working that suits them personally. This is even more relevant now that everyone is working from home and therefore out of sight. Product updates are still being done, timelines for product launches are still being met and marketing campaigns are still being generated. While we can’t see each other anymore, this has not stopped work being done.

Q: Have you found it difficult to manage clients while working from home?

A: Interestingly, this process has changed the least. Screendragon has clients across the globe and most of our customers are managed from our Operations Centre in Cork, Ireland. We are very used to managing clients in the and their needs from afar. While I initially feared a slowdown within our client’s activity, I was relieved to receive a recent report from our account managers declaring they’ve ‘never been busier’. We’d like to think that our clients have experienced no change in the service received from Screendragon since the onset of the pandemic.

Q: What processes and tools have you found helpful for Screendragon in recent times?

A: I will sound biased here, but project management technology is a lifesaver for managing people and teams in different locations. We use our own software platform to manage all our work where everybody who needs to be involved has access. At any point in time you have full visibility over projects and campaigns and where they are in their lifecycle. We can also identify lags or bottlenecks in projects before they happen and take appropriate action. If we didn’t have project management tools then I would find it very difficult to know how everything is progressing while I’m working from home.

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Q: If a reader is interested in learning more about Screendragon what are the recommended next steps?

A: I’d recommend checking our website where we have customer stories and solutions for various roles and enterprises. If you’d like to see more then you can schedule a no obligation 20 minute demo with a product specialist. We believe that this enforced #workingfromhome environment will, in time, perhaps be a productivity blessing in disguise. Our ambition for our enterprise clients is to support a future of flexible working, whether that is in the office, at home or on the go. We believe that work will be all about #workingfromhere and have the technology and expertise to help enterprises transition to this new future, today.

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