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IIBA Announces New Opportunities And Connecting With Organizations To Help Businesses Achieve Better Outcomes

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International Institute of Business Analysis, IIBA started as a grass roots initiative back in 2003 and today they have 120 global Chapters. They started as a working group of business analysis professionals (BAs) from the Toronto area looking for a forum to connect with other BAs. Word spread and the International Institute of Business Analysis became an official association one year later. Today, IIBA is recognized for the BA body of knowledge, BABOK® Guide and maintaining international standards of practice and certifications for the profession.

Below is our recent interview with Ken Fulmer, Interim President and CEO, IIBA:

Ken Fulmer

Q: In 2016, you announced a new collaboration with Agile Alliance; tell us something more?

A: Agile methods are changing how organizations implement business transformation. Successful adoption of Agile methodologies requires organizations to fully commit to agile techniques and values. This has created an incredible opportunity for the role and impact of business analysis in using agile approaches to effectively speed up the release of products and services to market. We are excited to be working together to advance Agile.

Q: IIBA connects more than 29,000 Members; what’s the achievement IIBA is most proud of?

A: We are driven by our membership. As their voice, IIBA is excited about our recent collaborations and innovative initiatives to leverage new opportunities for BAs globally. Increasing recognition of the role and its value to organizations. Last year we also launched our new competency-based, multi-level certification program which is aligned with BABOK® Guide v3, our industry body of knowledge.

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Q: What can we expect from you in the next 12 months?

A: In 2017, we will be focusing on creating opportunities and connecting with organizations to explore how BAs can help businesses achieve better business outcomes. We are seeing an evolution of the BA role and as it grows IIBA will continue to cultivate new collaborations to expand the BA community. As well, we will be releasing some new products for BAs.

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Q: What’s the best thing about IIBA that people might not know about?

A: We are flexible and dynamic. IIBA is continuing to grow to support the professional needs of the BA community which includes professionals and employers across all industries in all cities.

Q: How has IIBA led the way in setting BA’s up for success in agile practices?

A: We have collaborated with Agile Alliance to provide professional development opportunities for BAs to mature their knowledge and skills in agile. We are working with Agile Alliance on developing a V2 of Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide v3 body of knowledge reference. At the 2016 Building Business Capability conference, we hosted an Agile Business Analysis Xchange track focused on a range of agile related subjects.

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Q: What is the BA’s role as organizations adopt agile approaches?

A: Business analysis is about enabling change in an enterprise by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. Whether an organization is using Agile or traditional approaches, well executed analysis is always required to ensure a delivered solution drives business value. What changes is how much analysis is completed, when it’s completed and how it’s completed. When adopting Agile approaches, analysis is completed as “slices” of value identification and value delivery. In fact, given the goal of delivering value of each iteration for agile approaches, it becomes even more important to execute analysis activities as effectively as possible. Enlisting the help of an expert BA professional, one who is experienced with agile delivery methods and agile analysis techniques, becomes critical and leads to the team delivering better business outcomes.

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