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iJoin Solutions – The Technology Forward Approach To Retirement Planning

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In a world that is quickly transitioning to mobile, the retirement industry has long depended on a legacy process consisting of paper and complexity. With the introduction of mobile enrollment technology, iJoin Solutions has delivered to retirement professionals a proven differentiator and a better approach to engaging and enrolling their participants. Below is our interview with Deanna Fisher from iJoin Solutions:


Q: What’s the best thing about iJoin Solutions that people might not know about?

A: iJoin Solutions has quickly become known as the fastest growing mobile enrollment solution on the market for qualified retirement plans. By utilizing mobile technology, iJoin creates a simplified and intuitive 401k enrollment process that consistently generates increased participant outcomes. While iJoin does create an engaging and participant focused approach to enrollment, the greatest asset to the financial advisor lies under the hood of the system. By emphasizing deep data and independent participant analytics, iJoin’s dashboard feature provides advisors a complete and comprehensive view of their entire book of business. With detailed reporting across all plans and each individual participant, iJoin houses every piece of valuable data to the advisor at their fingertips. While mobile enrollment directly leads to increased participation and contribution rates, he dashboard allows advisors to more effectively target plans and participants in need of additional attention creating new levels of organic growth.

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Q: What makes iJoin Solutions unique in the market?

A: While an increased awareness for the need of mobile technology has surfaced within the financial services industry, previous attempts within the marketplace have focused on proprietary solutions. Built with an open architecture platform, iJoin allows advisors for the first time the ability to deploy a mobile enrollment solution across every plan in their book of business. Through seamless integration capabilities advisors can offer a consistent tool suite across every plan regardless of the provider with which they are working.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your solutions?

A: The iJoin application was built with a primary focus of the participant experience. By providing a truly intuitive and transactional mobile enrollment solution, participants can actively engage with their investment strategy at any time and from any place. Designed around the key principles of gamification and behavioral economics, iJoin creates an empowering experience leading to a positive impact on participant behavior. Coupled with ongoing education and targeted messaging, iJoin delivers a powerful and motivational approach to a process that has previously been perceived as overwhelming and complex.

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Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: Mobile enrollment and analytics has the potential to impact the way that companies across the retirement industry do business and reach the participants they manage, regardless of size and scope. The important thing to us as a company is finding industry professionals that are forward thinking, recognize the evolving nature of our industry, and a see technology as a vital component of their success and growth.

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Q: What can we expect from iJoin Solutions in 2016?

iJoin has experienced incredible growth over the past year and the rate of growth is expected to multiply in the year 2016. New product offerings are already slated for the beginning of the year, and testing is being finalized in preparation for the release of new versions of the current product. Several strategic relationships have been put into place that will greatly enhance the offering of our product as well as that of our partners. There is an incredible amount of excitement both internally and externally about what the next year will bring for iJoin Solutions.

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