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Infinity Brings Customer Calls To Life With Conversation Analytics

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Infinity helps companies solve the “research online, purchase offline” dilemma that often stumps marketers, particularly if phone calls are a part of their customer journey. Having recently released the first Conversation Analytics suite from a European call intelligence provider, they’re increasing the portfolio of services they offer. To learn more, we spoke with Infinity’s Product Director, Chris Sedlmayr:

Chris Sedlmayr

Q: Chris, tell us something more about your history and mission?

A: Infinity began life as a pioneering leader in dynamic call tracking technology. Since then, our mission has been focused on extracting real, actionable value from the billions of calls that companies receive from their customers. Whether it’s understanding what marketing campaigns are driving sales calls, improving the quality of phone agents, or optimising FAQ pages to reduce service calls, our goal is to deliver clarity from conversation.

We have offices in four locations across Europe and the US, and now serve enterprise clients across the globe, including TripAdvisor, The Telegraph, Mazda, Sky, Redrow Homes, and many more. Our client list is diverse, but mostly focuses on brands where phone calls are frequently used for enquiries, sales, and support.

Q: You’ve recently launched UK’s first Conversation Analytics suite; could you tell us something more?

A: We’ve spent years providing clients with insights on what happens before and after a call. Our Conversation Analytics suite lets them know, at scale, what actually happens on the calls they have with their customers.

Was the customer happy? Were they interested in a high-value product or service? Did they make a booking or payment? Was a competitor mentioned? Traditionally, knowing and organising these insights is an arduous, manual task. The Conversation Analytics suite automatically surfaces the calls you want, as well as what led to them. It also redacts sensitive information, so you can store calls where payments are made while still protecting your customers’ privacy.

Q: Tell us more about the technology behind the Conversation Analytics suite. How does it work?

A: Our Conversation Analytics suite is underpinned by industry leading speech recognition technology, on top of this we have built a number of other systems that understand and analyse the content of the conversations we are tracking.

This approach enables us to use the right tool for each particular task.
We can use machine learning when looking for signals that are harder to define classically such as emotional sentiment. On the other hand, we use simpler approaches when they suit other tasks, like looking for mentions of key products, offers, or other topics you want to keep tabs on.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: Primarily, we help marketing and operations teams understand where their phone calls are coming from, and help them optimise those customer journeys. This may be by highlighting which PPC terms are responsible for sales calls, or letting a phone agent know which pages a caller looked at in order to give them a better service.

On the other hand, some companies wish to reduce the number of support calls they receive by improving the quality of their website. By highlighting which support pages were driving the most calls, we helped one of our major entertainment clients cut service calls by four million over a year, saving them £24 million annually as a result.

Q: How did you help The Telegraph solve their key objective?

A: The Telegraph have an affiliate model to generate revenue, as their content leads potential customers to travel and finance brands. This is easy to trace for online conversions, but without call tracking, it’s impossible to know what led to a call. Infinity shines a light on the tactics that are responsible for success. Working with this knowledge enabled them to drive an increase of 12.5% in high-value calls.

They are now using our Conversation Analytics suite to understand the nature of the calls that they send to their partners in order to help predict revenue and ensure that callers are receiving a service of the standard expected of their brand.

Q: In 2018 you opened your first office in London, why was this important?

A: From a product perspective, I want us to attract the best talent possible. We’ve got a great team in Reigate, but our ambitions mean that we needed to cast the net wider to find more of the high calibre developers who meet our standards. Offering a base in London means we’re a far more attractive prospect for many more people.

It also enables our customer success and sales teams to better serve the enterprise market in the capital, including many of our clients. This adds to our presence in San Francisco and New York.

Q: What are your plans moving forward?

A: We recently launched our new Hub, which provides the framework for a lot of new possibilities for us, and makes it easier for our clients to use. Our Conversation Analytics suite is an example of how we’re putting this into action, and there’s still a lot of extra functionality we’ll be adding and announcing over the coming months.

We also have the first few of our 2019 Success meet-up events planned, where our clients join us for a morning of discussing Infinity uses, learning what’s on our roadmap, and networking.

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