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InnovaPanel, Manufacture Of Alternative Building System On The Move!

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Innova Eco Building System is a Miami-based company that manufactures a patented Magnesium Cement Structural Insulated Panel. The product, InnovaPanel, has been tested and approved by a Dade County NOA for the 180 mph coastal impact zone, one of the highest building levels in the USA. This approval allows contractors to build with this energy efficient panel in virtually every building district in North America. Below is our recent interview with Jerry Gillman, CEO at Innova Eco Building System:

Jerry Gillman

Q: Jerry, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to InnovaPanels©?

A: InnovaPanels© are an energy efficient load bearing building panel that is used in lieu of masonry block and concrete, wood or steel framing. InnovaPanels© do not mold, rot, are fire resistant and not affected by termites. InnovaPanels© are an energy efficient green building material. Building envelopes constructed with InnovaPanels© will use substantially less energy to heat and cool the building.

Q: Can the InnovaPanel© be used for high rise residential and commercial construction?

A: InnovaPanels© can be used as a load bearing building system up to five stories. On high rise buildings and large commercial centers like big box stores and warehouses, the panels are used as in-fill panels (non- load bearing) in the same manner as masonry block and steel framing are used. Some of the major advantages of the panels on high rise construction is that they weight approximately 60% less than common in-fill block systems. The reduced weight can reduce the size of structural members, which in turn reduces construction cost. Additionally, the panels can be installed in less time and with superior insulating values helping buildings meet the new energy code requirements.

Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: We ship our panels world-wide but our main markets have proven to be North America, Caribbean Islands and South America.

InnovaPanels© installed on a two story school classroom building as the load bearing building structure.
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Q: What has been your biggest challenge to date?

A: Our biggest challenges has been market awareness of our products and the Neophobia associated with anything new no matter how good it is. To overcome these obstacles we have been attending large builder shows and that has helped to build better market awareness in the industry for these new products.

As an outreach to Architects and Engineers we will soon be publishing a CE certified Innova MGO SIP training course that can be accessed on-line as part of the Professional license requirements for continuing education. The course will include information about the many uses of our panels, typical construction details and a review of the energy savings in building with InnovaPanels©. In addition, our technology is being taught as part of the Florida Tramcon Grant for an Advanced Manufacturing Course which is offered at several Florida Colleges including the University of Florida and Miami Dade College. We are hoping to build future market awareness by outreaching to the students today that will be the decision makers of tomorrow.

We feel we are making great strides with market penetration as we recently won a Building Excellence Award for affordable housing for the second year. Builders are starting to understand the many benefits of building with InnovaPanels©. Energy savings keeps on giving for the life of the building. Reducing electrical consumption by 50% to 60% or more over a thirty year period is big dollars, it is a real game changer and when builders and consumers understand the real savings, The InnovaPanel© becomes an easy decision. Miami Dade County recently recognized Innova Eco Building System with the Key to Dade County.

Tramcon’s Miami Dade Advanced manufacturing students attending a SIPs training session at the Innova manufacturing facility.
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Q: What are your plans for the next twelve months?

A: Our plans are to develop a strategy to expand our manufacturing capabilities into other states so that we can service the building industry with the most competitive pricing for our products. We are discussing several locations with investor groups and look to manufacture our InnovaPanels© throughout the USA. We envision our panels being sold in builder supply stores and purchased by contractors in much the same way they purchase plywood and other building materials. We truly believe that our product is the “Building Material of the Future, Available Today”. Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Consumers and Interested investors should contact Innova Eco Building System directly for more information.

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