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Inspired eLearning PhishProof Platform Delivers Two New Anti-Phishing Capabilities

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Wayne Walls, VP of Product at Inspired eLearning:

Q: I read about your most recent enhancements to PhishProof, your anti-phishing simulation platform. Can you tell us something more about what’s new?

A: As an integral part of our Security First Solutions launch in October, we’ve been very busy in 2018 on development efforts to enhance PhishProof. In August we launched PhishProof 3.0 which brought six highly anticipated features to our platform. These new features were wholly focused on e-mail phishing, the most common phishing method bad actors rely on to gain unauthorized access to sensitive customer data, intellectual property, or employee credentials. With a fast follow launch in November, we brought two new anti-phishing capabilities to PhishProof: text message phishing, also known as SMiShing and phone phishing, also known as Vishing. With the exponential rise in BYOD and mobile devices in use at home and work, we recognized the importance of providing our customers a fully featured platform that would help end users identify, report, and most importantly educate on actions to protect themselves and company assets when confronted with all forms of phishing attempts in any environment. Adding these features to the PhishProof platform makes Inspired eLearning the first to offer simulations for all four of the most common types of phishing attacks in one platform: email (phishing), phone (Vishing), text (SMiShing), and USB (USB baiting).

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Q: How sophisticated has phishing become recently? How hard is it to defend yourself from such attacks

A: Phishing has developed into a multi-billion-dollar industry, so attacks are becoming more sophisticated in both type and frequency. E-mail, phone calls, text messages, and USB flash drives are all being leveraged by bad actors to gain unauthorized access to private data and systems. The average cost of a phishing attack to a mid-size company is roughly $1.6 million not to mention reputational damage.

While challenging, it’s not impossible to defend against phishing attacks if you are properly trained and reminded frequently of that training. With the latest enhancements to PhishProof, organizations of any size can test, train, measure, and improve their phishing preparedness all under one unified experience, while tracking meaningful ROI. Our research reveals organizations that send simulated phishing attempts to their employees once a month show a 27% decrease in damaging interactions when faced with a phishing lure.

Q: What about your HR and Compliance training solutions? Who are they made for?

A: All our training is made for everyone: individuals, small and large organizations. Our HR and Compliance training is backed by one of the nation’s leading employment law firms, Fisher Phillips.

Just like a data breach or phishing attack, a single harassment claim or compliance violation can be enormously costly – not just in lost dollars, but in lost time, productivity, morale, and reputation. Inspired eLearning’s HR and Compliance training online solutions guard against these risks. Backed by the nationally recognized employment law firm of Fisher Phillips, our programs provide proven culpability protection, while educating workforces on important governmental and industry requirements.

We also offer sexual harassment training courses which is being mandated by several states like New York, in light of the Me Too Movement.

Q: Are cyber-security threats real risk for businesses?

A: This month alone Marriott International stated they had a breach of its Starwood guest reservation database that exposed the personal information of up to 500 million people. I would say that is incredibly “real”.

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Q: What’s the objective of an effective Security Awareness Training program?

A: The objective of any effective Security Awareness Training program should be to empower employees to be proactive and diligent about cybersecurity threats. At Inspired eLearning, we call this a Security First mindset. An employee who puts Security First means they are always proactive and diligent when it comes to security. This mindset includes thinking twice before clicking a link in an email, using a strong password when creating accounts and always locking their computer when stepping away from their desk. The training has worked when these things truly become second nature.

Q: Can you tell us something about your plans/pricing options?

A: Historically speaking, IEL has flourished on building customized high-quality Security Awareness content for security-savvy enterprise customers. Over the past 10 years we have amassed over 40 hours of award-winning content which cover a wide range of Security Awareness topics. Also, in the past three years we launched PhishProof to assist customers in educating their end-users on the threats of phishing by providing the ability to send simulated phishing e-mails and deploying just in time learning. The combination of these products positioned us to enable our customers to build effective programs to educate their end-users on the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

As IEL matured and the security awareness market started taking off we realized we were in a unique position. With hours of world-class content developed for some of the world’s largest enterprises, we started to develop a new software-as-a-service offering called Security First. Security First solutions is a three tiered – Select, Preferred, and Elite – offering a combination of foundational, role-based, and reinforcement security awareness content, PhishProof, the IEL mobile app, and integrated developed learning paths with robust reporting. We built these three packages with flexibility in mind to help reduce the operational headaches of running an effective security awareness program. Here’s a quick overview of the package and who they are built for:

The Select package is designed for the time and budget-conscious, focusing on an organization’s most immediate security awareness threats It includes a curated learning path to deliver up to 12 months of security awareness education. Starts at $15.00 per user.

The Preferred package is built to enhance your organization’s security posture and includes Security First initiatives to drive behavioral change. It includes a curated learning path to deliver 12 months of security awareness education as well. Starts at $18.50 per user.

Our Elite package is the complete blueprint for a Security First organization. It includes access to Inspired eLearning’s award-winning content and tools, available off-the-shelf or we can custom fit. This is the go-to option for organizations that demand a Security First culture and behavior. It includes a curated learning path to deliver up to 24 months of up-to-date threat landscape content for non-repetitive teaching. Starts at $22.00 per user.

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