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InTouch Health Taking Its Place As The Leader In Enabling Intra And Inter-Enterprise Telehealth Solutions For Hospital Systems

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InTouch Health provides technology-enabled services to healthcare organizations for the delivery of highest-quality virtual care, anytime, anywhere. So far InTouch Health has surpassed 780,000 potentially life-saving telehealth consults over the InTouch Telehealth Network. Below is our interview with Kristi Labrum from InTouch Health:


Q: Kristi, tell us something more about the company and your history?

A: Our founder Yulun Wang, Ph.D., Chairman, Chief Innovation Officer, launched his career at the intersection of healthcare and technology with the founding of Computer Motion, Inc. and the invention of AESOP, the first FDA-cleared surgical robot. Under Yulun’s leadership, Computer Motion went public in 1997 and later merged with Intuitive Surgical to forge the multi-billion dollar surgical robotics industry. In 2002, Yulun founded InTouch Health which has been recognized as one of the fastest growing healthcare and technology companies by the likes of Inc. 500 and Deloitte 500.

InTouch Health has been providing telehealth services for over a decade. In the process, we have worked with more than 14,000 clinical users in over 130 health systems and have built an easy-to-use system that physicians are more likely to adopt. We have always focused on innovation and on reliability through 24/7 monitoring of our fully redundant global network that ensures each medical encounter will be possible and as planned.

To date, we have managed over ¾ million clinical encounters.

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Q: Could you explain the most prominent advantages of InTouch Health technology?

A: We are a telehealth partner who can offer the best in emerging enterprise telehealth solutions. We enable healthcare providers to leverage their specialty expertise, unique medical knowledge, and resources across the hospital enterprise. We help hospital systems connect the dots between telehealth, lowering costs, increasing patient access and clinical outcomes, across all of their service lines.

Our cloud solutions provide seamless firewall traversal as well as advanced levels of security and encryption. Our connection optimization technology manages highly variable network conditions.

We have a 6-phase program implementation process connects enterprise strategy to program development all the way through workflow design, training, go-live and monitoring, and program marketing.

InTouch Health has invested over $50M into a cloud infrastructure. Our established, reliable and scalable global telehealth platform includes 7 U.S.-hosted data centers covering the Americas, and 3 additional locations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

What many people don’t understand is that additional FDA requirements exist when a telehealth solution is used for active patient monitoring to take immediate clinical action. InTouch Health has received Class II clearance from the FDA for selected best-in-class Patient Access Devices and System for these purposes. We offer Class I patient access software that can be downloaded on a consumer PC or tablet to connect with patients in non-acute settings, including the home.

Additionally, we continuously monitor the InTouch Telehealth Network, tracking encounter details and technical performance. For every clinical session, we report on who was engaged, when and where it happened, and for how long. We also deliver reporting on system performance, device availability, and utilization. Our comprehensive reporting delivers information on current and past clinical encounters that can be organized by region, facility, or user.

Our clinical solutions overview can be seen in our YouTube video.

You can hear from a few of our customers here.

Q: What’s the achievement InTouch Health is most proud of?

A: 783,098 clinical encounters completed under time-sensitive conditions for critical decision making as of today.

We have expanded our telehealth enterprise with the launch of our Physician Services Organization to address the limited availability of providers and specialists.

We have a top-tier customer base – Mayo Clinic, Dignity Health, Ohio Health, UCLA Health System, Trinity Health, Robert Wood Johnson, Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience, just to name a few. A full list is here.

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Q: What is the motto that guides your decisions?

A: We strive to transform healthcare through the creation of a telehealth network wherein world-class patient care is provided anytime, anywhere.

Q: What can we expect from InTouch Health in the future?

A: To date, telemedicine has been about using technology to connect a remote clinician to a patient such that, they can interact in a manner where high quality healthcare can be rendered. In the future, we will be able to build on this telemedicine technology to enhance the interaction capabilities of the clinician, improving care and driving down costs.

Clinician/patient interactions can and will be augmented with sensor technologies improving a clinician’s senses. These interactions will be seamlessly analyzed and recorded, and new data analytics and A.I. technologies can be incorporated into the pathway to improve immediate diagnosis, as well as, consolidated and analyzed for improving best practices. Furthermore, they can be automatically segmented for efficient record keeping and billing purposes. This will result in consistently improving healthcare quality while continuing to lower costs.

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