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Introducing The Platform:’s Game-Changing Hub For IT Startups And VCs

Listen to this article introduces The Platform, a transformative hub designed to connect IT startups with venture capitalists (VCs) and global corporations, facilitating opportunities for collaboration and growth. Alex Posternak, Co-Founder of Intema AI, envisions The Platform as a direct conduit for startups to engage with VCs and tech experts from major companies, offering AI-driven project evaluation and expert-led diligence sessions. The Platform promises to streamline the startup-VC collaboration process, providing a comprehensive database for VCs and tailored applications for pilot launches, backed by a team with extensive experience in consulting and DeepTech.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the bridge between innovative startups and forward-thinking venture capitalists (VCs) is crucial., a beacon in the tech landscape, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering this connection. With its rich legacy of driving technological advancements and supporting startups, stands as a testament to innovation and progress in the IT sector. Now, in a move set to redefine the dynamics of the startup-VC relationship, proudly presents its latest venture: The Platform. Designed with precision and backed by expertise, The Platform aims to be the nexus where IT startups can seamlessly connect with VCs and global corporations, unlocking a world of opportunities and collaborative growth.

Statement from Alex Posternak

Alex Posternak, the visionary Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder of Intema AI accelerator and VC, is no stranger to the challenges and intricacies of the tech startup ecosystem. With The Platform, he envisions a space where these challenges are not just addressed but transformed into opportunities.

“In today’s tech-driven landscape, the right connections can propel a startup to unprecedented heights,” Alex began, his passion for the project evident. “With The Platform, we’re not just creating another tech hub. We’re building a bridge—a direct conduit that connects startups with verified VCs. It’s a space where startups can not only apply for launching pilots with leading corporations but also gain invaluable insights from global tech experts from giants like AWS, Meta, and Tencent.”

He continued, emphasizing the unique position of The Platform in the tech world, “The essence of The Platform lies in its ability to foster genuine, impactful connections. It’s about facilitating direct interactions, nurturing collaborations, and driving tangible growth within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. At, we’ve always believed in the power of innovation, and with The Platform, we’re taking a significant step in making this belief a tangible reality for startups, VCs, and corporations alike.”

Features and Benefits of The Platform

The Platform isn’t just a name; it’s a promise—a promise of unparalleled features and benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of both startups and VCs.

For Startups:

  • Direct Connections: The Platform offers startups the golden opportunity to directly engage with a plethora of corporations and VCs, eliminating the traditional barriers and streamlining the collaboration process.
  • AI-Driven Project Evaluation: With an advanced AI model, startups can evaluate their projects across 23 distinct parameters. This deep dive provides invaluable insights into their prospects in the ever-competitive DeepTech market.
  • Opportunities Galore: From applying for pilot launches to securing funding, The Platform opens doors to a myriad of opportunities for startups, ensuring they have the resources and support they need at every step.
  • Expert-Led Diligence Sessions: Startups can benefit from diligence sessions helmed by experts from tech behemoths like AWS, Meta, Tencent Cloud, and HP. These sessions offer a unique chance to gain feedback, refine strategies, and ensure that the startups are on the path to success.

For VCs and Corporate Representatives:

  • Comprehensive Startup Database: Time is money, and with The Platform’s extensive database of startups that match specific criteria, VCs can save both. This feature ensures that VCs can find the right startups that align with their investment goals.
  • Due Diligence Application: VCs can apply for due diligence of their portfolio companies, gaining deep tech insights into capabilities, potential market impact, and the long-term viability of potential investments.
  • Tailored Applications: The Platform allows VCs and corporations to submit applications for pilots in specific directions, ensuring a targeted and effective approach.
  • Intema’s Expertise: Navigating international deals can be complex, but with Intema’s expertise spanning tech, finance, law, and economics, VCs and corporations can confidently steer through these complexities.

The Team Behind The Platform

Behind every great innovation lies a team of visionaries, and The Platform is no exception. The minds at have combined their extensive experience and expertise to bring The Platform to life.

With over 20 years of combined experience in innovation consulting, the Intema team boasts a rich history of launching and scaling DeepTech products on a global scale. Team members have honed their skills at renowned companies such as Accenture, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Deloitte, and Barclay’s, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill set to the table.

But it’s not just about experience; it’s about passion. The Intema team is driven by a shared vision—to create a platform that truly serves the needs of the tech community. From ML and NLP to CV, Metaverse, and Gen AI, the team’s expertise spans a wide range of domains, ensuring that The Platform remains at the cutting edge of technology.

Why Join The Platform?

The tech landscape is vast, and while there are numerous platforms and hubs available, The Platform by stands out for a multitude of reasons:

  • Expertise at Your Fingertips: With access to over 200 experts specializing in ML, NLP, CV, Metaverse, and Gen AI from both Intema and other leading BigTech companies, members are equipped with a reservoir of knowledge and insights.
  • A Global Partner Network: The Platform isn’t just a hub; it’s a global network. Members benefit from connections to VCs, innovation hubs, corporations, and startups from around the world, fostering international collaboration and growth.
  • Diverse Domain Expertise: Whether you’re in telecom, logistics, MedTech, media, entertainment, or AgroTech, The Platform offers domain expertise tailored to your needs, ensuring that every member finds their niche and thrives within it.

The Platform by is more than just a tech hub—it’s a revolution. In a world where the right connections can make all the difference, The Platform emerges as the beacon for startups, VCs, and corporations. With its unparalleled features, a team of visionaries at the helm, and a promise of continuous innovation, The Platform is set to redefine the dynamics of the tech startup and VC landscape. As Alex Posternak aptly put it, The Platform is about “fostering genuine, impactful connections.” And in this era of rapid technological advancement, such connections are the key to success.

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