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Easy To Implement, Easy To Use: Intuitive Business Intelligence

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Intuitive Business Intelligence is altering the way businesses view BI dashboards. Previously seen as expensive and extravagant ‘nice to haves’, dashboard solutions have now become mainstream IT purchases thanks to companies like Intuitive that have developed easy-to-use, quick-to-install and competitively priced Intuitive Dashboards. We speak to Intuitive’s MD, Tony Bray, about why Intuitive Dashboards is proving such a compelling investment.


Q: Tony, tell us something about Intuitive Business Intelligence and your core competence?

A: We are the authors of Intuitive Dashboards, the next generation of business intelligence software. The Dashboards unite critical business-wide information and display it in customisable, graphical formats. In the same way as a car’s dashboard displays key information such as remaining fuel, speed and warning lights, Intuitive Dashboards shows vital business information in easy-to-view, interactive formats, delivering a high-level, holistic view of business performance. With vital company-wide insights at their fingertips, users can make faster, more accurate decisions to optimise efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your software solutions?

A: Completely web-based, Intuitive Dashboards can be used on-premise, in the Cloud or in a hybrid environment. The dashboard can be viewed via a browser on PCs, Macs or a range of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. The dashboards display vital information and KPIs such as turnover, sales by region and staff attrition in a visual dashboard format with traffic lights and colour coding to enable users to quickly identify problem areas and, by drilling down to the required information, immediately identify the root causes.

There are hundreds of pre-defined data extracts and dashboard displays ready for use. By simply clicking on each dashboard, it can be drilled into for a deeper analysis.

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Q: How can customers benefit from using Intuitive Dashboards?

A: Customers can enjoy cost and efficiency savings by moving from more manually-intensive data consolidation and analytical solutions, to Intuitive Dashboards. Organisations report achieving a fast return on their investments and savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars by deploying Intuitive Dashboards.

Some organisations rely upon Excel spreadsheets for providing them with an overview of performance, however spreadsheets are time-intensive, prone to human errors and cannot deliver real-time analysis in an easy-to-view format. With an instant, accurate and reliable view of an organisation’s performance and KPIs thanks to Intuitive Dashboards, this can improve decision-making and can flag-up issues or potential issues early-on, allowing for corrective actions to be taken.

Customers also report that intuitive Dashboards has set them apart from their competitors, for instance some organisations provide their customers with online access to a collection of dashboards, delivering transparency and real-time performance updates.

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Q: What makes Intuitive Dashboards different to competitor solutions?

A: Dashboard and data visualisation solutions can be expensive, complex and difficult to support and it is all too common for them to take many hard and stressful months, or even years, to implement. Intuitive Dashboards is different. Designed to be easy-to-use and quick-to-install, the Dashboards are simple for non-IT staff to understand and the software can be up and running within just a matter of hours. The ‘out of the box’ dashboards are designed to make life for the user as easy as possible. As the dashboards can be very easily customised, users can quickly alter the dashboards to suit and can also create new dashboards – all without having to call upon the expertise of the IT department!

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Q: What is your route to market?

A: Intuitive Dashboards has been specifically developed to quickly and easily enable software authors and resellers to add data visualisation and dashboard systems into their products. We work with them to produce a totally integrated system, complete with a library of pre-built dashboards. This is proving a very successful route to market; the latest companies to partner with us include global enterprise information management company, OpenText, U.S-based HMB, South Africa-based Vox Telecom, Netherlands-based Metastore and Solutions Middle East.

Q: What are your plans for 2016?

A: We have no intention of standing still and will be looking at how we can improve the product and tailor our ‘out of the box’ Dashboards to make them more suited to different software applications. We will also be looking to help even more partners from across the globe drive more revenue by quickly and easily enabling them to add data visualisation and dashboard systems into their solutions.

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