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InvestWall – Leverage The Crowd’s Opinions For Your Investments

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InvestWall is a new collaborative investment intelligence platform designed for sharing investment ideas. In April 2015, Allianz selected InvestWall for its first startup accelerator program. InvestWall helps you benefit from crowdsourced investment intelligence with a powerful source of new financial information. Here is our interview with Samuel Benichou Co-Founder and CEO of InvestWall:

Samuel BenichouQ: What is your startup story?

A: Our story starts from Monaco and is now accelerated by a powerful and unique accelerator program with the Allianz Group. We look to radically change the way people take their investment decisions.

After many years in financial institutions I thought it will be very useful and fascinating to build up a one-stop platform where the intelligence we can be organized and collected on the web.

Our story is I think about meeting at the right time the right people to create the greatest financial and social experience.

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Q: What is your main advantage?

A: We are strictly focused on crowd investment intelligence. Our main advantage is now our constant capacity to innovate. Top and unique spirit and culture with passionate and talented team motivated by changing the way people invest.


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Q: Why is Investwall unique in the social investment space?

A: We view this social investment trend as a growing innovative space that will change the future of finance. We just want to participate and to contribute in the best manner. We think we have some unique capabilities internally and we are just starting to enter and delimit the space.


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Q: Why is Monaco a great place to launch a startup and why is London your next place to grow?

A: Monaco was a natural choice for us since we know and we love this country. We are considering several possibilities for InvestWall expansion and success, and London could be of course on the road of our international expansion. Our objective is to allow our users to get access to many possibilities and services we are starting only to build a unique company with many development possibilities with all the financial centers around the globe.

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