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InVooDoo Mission Is To Positively Impact People’s Lives Through Innovation

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Below is our recent interview with Anton Anisimov, CEO at InVooDoo:

Q: Anton, can you tell us something about your mission and your innovative products?

A: We do Product Design and Software Development as a service and we also have our own innovative products (some of them patent-pending) that we’ve built into successful businesses over time. We understand that to built a successful product one must be focused on user needs, target audience, market trends, and courage to take a bumpy road in building innovative product in addition to design and software development part.

Our Mission at InVooDoo is to positively impact people’s lives through innovation. We are a global strategy and technology California-based company that helps innovators bring their products to market. From idea to launch we combine innovative product design and world class software engineering to help companies reach their business goals.

We are proud about our experience working with global brands like PETA, Samsung, Pearson, and others.

InVooDoo Team works around the globe, around the clock from the headquarters in California and development locations in Illinois, Germany, and Ukraine.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: We ideate, design, build, test and launch software products. From the first conversation to the final delivery we focus on the exceptionally great user experience. At InVooDoo we focus on Mobile Development, Web-Based Platforms, Responsive Design.

Our Product Design Process consists fo the following stages:
Product Validation and Ideation
Design and User Experience
Technology Implementation

Q: There are already a number of software development companies on the market, why do you think yours is superior?

A: We provide Product Design and Development services but also we have our own InVooDoo products that we design, develop, market and sale ourselves. That allows us to look at our Clients’s products from multiple angles (product-definition strategy, monetization strategy, user acquisition strategy, go-to-market strategy, etc). It allows us to leverage the experience we gained based on our own product successes and failures, multiply it by the number of projects, research results and experiments we’ve gone through to use it for our Client’s benefit.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: We aim to accept the challenges of creation superb products that positively affect people’s lives. That’s what excites us. That’s what allows us to work with the superb people in the industry.

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