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Is There Truly A Need To Have A New Year’s Resolution For Yourself?

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As we all are aware of, the year 2022 is coming to an end and now what’s in store for us is the new year. It’s during these times in the weeks and days leading up to the new year that most of us entertain the idea of making a New Year’s Resolution for ourselves. While making a New Year’s resolution has benevolent intent to it, many few people actually succeed in following through on making and carrying it out.

The idea of setting a New Year’s resolution for yourself has existed for centuries now, and yet in spite of the fact that the idea has existed for so long now, the vast majority of people have trouble sticking to whatever New Year’s resolution they make for themselves. Many try to understand why this is from a scientific perspective, and many even beat themselves up over their inability to follow through with their New Year’s resolution. However, it’s worth mentioning that we have to understand that when we resolve to do anything in life, we should never do it solely to satisfy some trend that’s going on in society. Making a resolution to better yourself is good. Making it solely because of the upcoming new year is at its core, counterproductive. The sense, need, the longing to better yourself should exist within yourself every single day of every single year. Waiting until the new year comes to make that resolve is unnecessary. We should make it a habit to make new productive resolutions for ourselves whenever possible.

Instead of waiting for the New Year to come to start changing your life, follow this advice to start changing your life now.

1. Picking the time that’s right for YOU to start making a change in your life

We should always be striving to be better versions of ourselves. However, If we want to make a special, notable, change in our life, timing is everything. It’s always a good idea to think of a new way of changing our life while we’re not stressed out by work and other things in life. Simply put, thinking up new ways of altering our lives during a time of relaxation on our behalf is without question, undeniably helpful.

2. Making sure your goals align with your core values in life

There’s no doubt that everyone in this planet seeks to be the best version of themselves. However, being the best version of yourself means something different for everyone. God has given us all different callings in this life and no two people are exactly the same. Therefore, when searching for a new way on how to better yourself, make sure it always aligns with who YOU are as a person.

3. Surrounding yourself with supportive people

We are social beings and we thrive best among other people. While being friends with all types of people is handy, finding like-minded people who support your personal growth as a person and who will support new goals you wish to set for yourself is even better.

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4. Don’t be discouraged by people who don’t support your goals

We’re all different people and not everyone will be supportive of whatever new goals and habits you wish to set for yourself. Don’t let these people deter you though from doing what it is you seek to do. You’re the creator of your future, of your life, not them.

5. Thinking out of the box, but all while being realistic

There’s nothing wrong with setting big goals for yourself, but if they’re too unrealistic all this will do is cause you to feel let down if you don’t succeed in accomplishing them. Staying grounded in reality while dreaming big is the key to success.

6. Staying determined even when you don’t initially succeed in some of your goals

No one’s perfect, and not everyone accomplishes their goals on the first try. Staying determined on your path to achieve new goals even when you fail the first couple of times is the mark of a strong character.

7. Writing your goals down

Writing down your achievements and marking the moff when you get them done will undoubtedly motivate you and boost your confidence.

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8. Knowing which goals to prioritize above others

This isn’t easy, even for people who seem to have their life together, but it’s important nonetheless.

9. Having fun

While we handle everything we do in life seriously, we have to acknowledge that challenges are what give our life meaning and can also be fun, if we look at them from the right perspective. On another note, we should also try to include fun activities in our life as some of our goals, as they can boost our mental health and make us more productive in achieving our main goals.


Setting and sticking to new goals and habits for ourselves isn’t easy and is undeniably difficult for everyone. However, we shouldn’t let these obstacles deter us from making new better changes in our lives. What’s important is we keep trying, no matter how hard things may seem, heeding the advice of others while making our decisions align with who we are as individuals.

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