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Javvy – A Fun Way To Learn Coding In Java

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A new startup project Javvy helps you to learn coding in Java on fun and interactive way. Here is our recent interview with Henry Ameseder from Hello Code startup team (makers of Javvy and very successful project Swifty):

Q: Javvy makes learning how to code in Java a lot easier, what was your inspiration for making it?

A: Easier and more fun, because we feel that it just isn’t at the moment. Well, it was our own experience that inspired us. When I started with coding, I had this programming book that I barely touched. First, it was trying to make me believe that BASIC was a good way to get started with coding but there was also nothing fun or interactive about it. Besides, I had to lock myself up in my room because, without a computer, it was even more useless. Johannes, who built Swifty, had the same experience just a while ago; as it turned out, things hadn’t changed that much. Sure, he was able to use video tutorials and they were way better than my BASIC book but they weren’t interactive and were a pain on the run.

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Q: How long did it take to put together Javvy? How big your team is at the moment?

A: Well, it’s still work in progress but I’d say something like six months. It’s incredible how much effort it takes to build such a “small” thing. The writing, for example, may seem pretty straight-forward but it’s actually a lot of work. At the moment, we’re a team of five: There’s a designer, two developers, a writer and me.

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Q: Javvy isn’t your first app. What else do you have in the works?

A: Yeah, we started out with Swifty. Basically, that’s an app that teaches you how to code using the Swift programming language – but in a fun way. We’ve broken down the content of Swift into tiny and interactive tutorials, making it possible for people to get cracking whenever and wherever they want to.


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Q: What was your first big breakthrough?

A: I’m sure that was when Swifty made number one on Product Hunt. On the day it was “hunted”, it got upvoted to the top slot and this kind of got the ball rolling. Suddendly, everyone was talking and writing about us.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’ve found our passion here so we’ll keep working really hard to make your experience with Javvy and Swifty even better and more fun. Apart from cranking out content, we’re going to translate the two into a couple of different languages.

What’s going to be really exciting, though, .. and massive and mind-blowing .. is another project we’re working on at the moment. It’s still pretty concealed so you may or may not believe me but I promise that I’ll tell you more about it as soon as the word is out. Be sure to follow us!

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