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Job Market Maker: Bringing Innovation To The Talent Acquisition Space

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Job Market Maker is an innovative web based talent acquisition platform. It combines pre-seeded templates and a patented analytics engine to help companies answer questions like: where, when, and how to get best candidates for specific jobs. Job Market Maker redefines how qualified candidates are identified, assessed and developed. Below is our interview with Joseph Hanna, CEO of Job Market Maker:

Joseph Hanna, Job Market Maker’s CEO

Q: Joseph, tell us something more about Job Market Maker and your history?

A: Job Market Maker (JMM) was founded in 2014 on the idea of transforming the talent acquisition market – to be a leader in fixing a broken system, shifting the hiring paradigm and bringing together employers, candidates and education providers.

Since going live in January 2015, we have been focused on client needs, and updated the product accordingly with multiple new releases. We are dedicated to offering an efficient, cost-effective solution to help employers find the best talent to fulfill their most pressing hiring needs.

There is a true gap in the market … there are lots of recruiting tools and lots of learning management tools, but they are disjointed … there is nothing that bridges the two worlds. Even organizationally, there is usually separate talent acquisition and development groups. Optimally, development planning should start during recruiting … that’s how we match the candidate with a career, not just a job.

We are using advanced analytics to help companies answer questions like: where, when, and how do we get our best candidates for specific jobs? How much will it cost and how long will it take for us to get someone up to 100% match? Are my hiring decisions consistent with how I define my job requirements?

Our clients are small to mid-sized companies representing numerous vertical markets, including healthcare, manufacturing, financial institutions and information technology.

We also provide free services for candidates that link them with employers who have positions to fill. With the JMM solution, candidates are more empowered and feel in charge of their careers. We recognize the collaborative nature of job sourcing and our solutions redefine how businesses recruit and candidates find their dream jobs.

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Q: What advantage does Job Market Maker have over its competitors?

A: Job Market Maker’s unique, innovative technology behind the solution provides a combination of features not found in any other offering.

JMM comes preseeded with job templates that model more than 2,000 occupations. This makes posting a job almost effortless and allows JMM to score candidates on multiple dimensions. Employers can customize the algorithm weightings to fine tune the candidate matching process.

JMM uses predicative algorithms to assess the fit between job openings and candidates based on thousands of quantifiable data points instead of keyword searches of resumes and job descriptions (like most of our competitors). The system delivers a personal and adjustable match score for each qualified candidate.

Our system integrates machine learning to improve selections over time. The more you use it, the better it matches candidates to your needs.

Once JMM matches potential candidates, it allows employers to further screen applicants right in the system with built in and integrated assessments, including text based, competency based and personality/culture testing as well as background and reference checking.

With a relentless commitment to bridging the skills gap, JMM is dedicated to building candidates by connecting employers with the training providers needed to develop dynamic professionals. Our development module is what really sets us apart from anyone else. We connect employers to the appropriate training providers, educational institutions and certification boards whose offerings could help get candidates to a 100% match for a position.

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Q: What Job Market Maker can do for companies with critical hiring needs?

A: Our advanced analytics create a logical connection between decisions about people, HR program investments and strategic business outcomes. Organizations that understand their people and use insights and data wisely, outperform those that do not. They will hire better, have a more engaged workforce and overall better business results. We automate the overall hiring process allowing them to source, assess and recruit talent all from the JMM platform. JMM users, on average, cut their hiring managers workload, fill positions faster and double the candidate conversion rate (the percent of candidates that start an application who actually complete it).

Q: Job Market Maker was included in Talent Science Research in recent Gartner Hype Cycle, tell us something more?

A: We are very humbled by the mention in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management. Gartner defines talent science as “the business capability of using advanced analytics to improve human capital management decision making.” While most other sectors in business are already taking advantage of data to make decisions and steer activities, the HR space has been slow to adapt this approach. The importance Gartner allocates to human capital as well as the use of talent science, reinforces our values and continued success in this space.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We will never run out of ideas, the product will never be finished. We will continuously improve and adapt our product based on our client’s needs and market demand. Some developments in progress consist of integrating with partners, developing our job description recommender further, as well as fully optimizing our system for mobile functionality.

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