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Join DandyLoop And Increase Sales Of Your Online Shop!

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DandyLoop is a network of online shops who increase each other’s sales by sharing visitors with one another. Here is recent interview with Omer Rachamim, CEO and Co-Founder of DandyLoop.

Q: How does DandyLoop works?
A: Our clients look to overcome their inherent disadvantage which is their size. Most visitors in online shops never buy, and it’s not because of a bad UX or bad products, it’s because those visitors look for something else, that an average shop owner can’t provide. The same thing happens on other shops, so we ask why not exchange them? Another shop’s non-buying visitor can be your most valued customer. We built DandyLoop to be a network of online shops who increase each other’s sales by sharing visitors with one another. Using our plugin, members of the network recommend each other’s non-competing products and drive an exchange of visitors that increase their exposure and sales.

Q: How long did it take to put it together and what was the most challenging part?
A: DandyLoop is an evolution of a previous project we’ve had in the content sites field. about 7 months ago we started DandyLoop in its current form.

We had to make sure that the shops owners have matured enough to understand that today’s visitors are not confined to the boundaries of their shop: they jump from one shop to the other whether we like it or not – and the best thing is to help them do that with an infrastructure that will ensure that the right customers will have the chance to reach their shop. Initially we feared that shops owners weren’t ready, so we placed our app in the Thank-You page, where visitors are leaving the site any case, but soon enough we found out that this fear existed only with us, and that shops owners are more than willing to share.

Q: What are your plans for business growth?
A: The innovation in the way we work is in the value we give our clients: shops owners don’t sell their traffic for money, we learnt this doesn’t interest them. Instead, for every visitor a shop owner ‘gives’ he will receive one in return – one that is more likely to buy in his shop. Currently and for the coming months we are free of charge. We focus on growing the network and building it according to the needs of the clients, with whom we’re in a regular contact – hearing their feedbacks and working accordingly. In the future we’ll be charging fees for purchases we create – it’s a performance based model, that removes the risk from the client.

Q: What is your main occupation at the moment?
A: Several weeks ago we launched our app in Shopify, which is a great platform for working with online shops, and our main focus is build the traction there.

Q: What we can expect from you and DandyLoop in next six months?
A: Though we’re currently available to shops using most eCommerce platforms, we still need to build a designated app for each of them to smoothen the process. We strive to close a funding round that will enable us to further develop the recommendation engine which will enable reaching the best possible results for our clients.

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