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Jones Software Corporation Developed Math Learning Software, iLikeMath, To Help K-12 Students Meet Or Exceed Grade Level Standards

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Jones Software Corporation is a Digital Social Impact Enterprise, who has developed a SaaS, Cloud based deployment, math learning software tool, iLikeMath, to help K-12 students meet or exceed grade level standards and inspire them to maximize their potential inside as well as outside of the classroom. Below is our recent interview with Kevin Jones, CEO & Founder of Jones Software Corporation:

Q: Can you provide a brief introduction to Jones Software Corporation?

A: We understand that many institutions in the private and public sector share our goals of improving educational outcomes for students nationwide. We work diligently with educators, community and business leaders providing resources, human capital (mentors/champions) and exposure to new ideas outside of their immediate surroundings for scholars. iLikeMath-Cares empowers and encourage scholars to succeed in life, making the connection from personalized learning to career and development.

Q: What is the Cares Program?

A: JSC Cares is a student meritocracy program designed to provide coaching, mentoring, and workshops for students who display leadership abilities, strong work ethic, character and demonstrate outstanding citizenship. Students who display growth and development through.

Their exercise and assessment scores from the iLikeMath platform can earn recognition through the JSC Cares meritocracy program, which brings collaboration our corporate partners and community to support and engage students.

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Q: Can you provide insight into the iLIkeMath product?

A: The iLikeMath software provides a resource-efficient solution that inspires learning and can be tailored to the very different needs of students. It is a personalized learning math software tool that provides the support and scaffolded instruction needed to raise the achievement of students performing below grade level, while also challenging high-performing students.

Developed at technology think-tank 1871, Chicago the software uses a state-of-the-art Microsoft “Azure” Cloud based application platform, which enables computers to become interactive teaching devices that cater to the unique needs of each learner. The program makes practicing and learning math skills fun, independent, while building students’ familiarity with problems they will encounter on state exams.

(In addition, iLikeMath enables teachers to create assessment exams, from beginner to advanced metrics, and dashboard technology provides real-time data and administrative reporting tools).

Q: What are your range of products?

A: Learning Management System, Adaptive Learning Multi-Tier Support System, Personalized Math Curriculum K-12, Computer Science Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools , Various Coding & Data Science Curriculum. Mentoring, Coaching, Career & Development. Artificial Intelligence.

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Q: What are our plans for the future?

A: To quote Matt Greenfield, Managing Partner of Rethink Education , “ Many Careers from game design to engineering, require the ability to adjust plans as something is built and constructed.
Infusing curriculum with more project-based learning and exposure to real-world examples could help students develop these crucial tools while still in school.

JSC, five year goals – To design curriculum to include both traditional core curriculum with outside career and development curriculum as Matt Greenfield’s vision for students speaks to. To expand our marketing and services outside of the US. To partner with Technology Firms to deliver our software platform onto Schools hardware devices ( Desktops, Tablets, Laptops, etc.) To buildout a satellite office in London.

Q: What are JSC, Drivers / Motivation?

A: To model our firm in alignment with the Pedagogy of Teaching; That all students can achieve at a high level, not only inside the classroom, but outside of the classroom as well.

To bring equity and equality to scholars located in disadvantaged urban and rural communities.

To build self-esteem and encouragement in scholars while also providing exposure and opportunity for growth outside of scholars, immediate surroundings.

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