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JoomShaper – Delivers High-Quality Templates And Extensions For The Joomla CMS

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Below is our recent interview with Kawshar Ahmed, CEO at JoomShaper:

Kawshar Ahmed

Q: What is JoomShaper? Could you tell us something more about the company?

A: JoomShaper is a web-based product company that provides high-quality templates and extensions for the Joomla CMS. JoomShaper has a vast number of customers from all over the world. Helix Framework, and SP Page Builder are two of the most popular tools created by JoomShaper. 100+ Joomla templates, 50+ extensions, resourceful blog about Joomla, and fantastic customer support are the key to JoomShaper’s success. JoomShaper sponsored lots of international Joomla events in the past years and has become the number #1 choice for quality Joomla products. The company is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Q: Is it hard to make a website today? Can anyone do it?

A: Making websites was extremely hard in past and required programming skills. Later, CMSs were introduced and made it easier to build a website. But still needed a substantial amount of technical knowledge. Then we started creating Joomla templates & extensions that helped users develop sites with significantly less effort. We were not happy with the solution and kept researching for a more robust, groundbreaking system. Then we introduced SP Page Builder to the community that instantly changed the entire game. Now, using SP Page Builder, it’s incredibly easy to build a website. It’s just like a magic. You can create almost any kind of site in minutes using the tool’s drag and drop interface.

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Q: What makes SP Page Builder so powerful?

A: SP Page Builder is a highly functional and feature-rich drag and drop page builder for Joomla offering a hassle-free page building experience with its intuitive frontend editing system. If someone can use a computer, they can easily build a website using SP Page Builder. The idea of a page builder was taken from Lego. There are tons of addons, ready-made blocks, and predefined templates available in SP Page Builder. And, all you need is to drag & drop them to the canvas and the website will start taking shape magically. SP Page Builder surprisingly reduces webpage building time, and minimizes the development cost to a remarkable extent. It’s an ultimate tool for Joomla that someone needs to build a complete website.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in launching your business and how did you overcome it?

A: I started the company and worked alone in my bedroom for 2 years. Then moved to a commercial location by hiring some programmers and designers. But, it was difficult for me to manage them because I had no job experience and I had no idea how a company works. I saw people are frequently switching that made impossible for me to focus on work. I learned every day and applied new strategies to overcome those situations. We had a massive problem with the internet connection as well. At that time, broadband connection was costly. Also, in the beginning, it was hard to find talents. Then we worked hard to improve the brand value that helped a lot hire talented people thereafter.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Along with JoomShaper, we have some other endeavors too. Themeum is our WordPress based product company. Our another initiative IcoFont is an icon font application with more than 2000 free icons in a single font. We are working hard to make more useful products for Joomla as well as for other platforms. We want to make the web development experience easier day by day.

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