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Jukeboxy Delivers State-Of-The-Art Streaming Music Service For Any Business That Plays Music For Its Customers

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Below is our recent interview with Orhun Oguzulgen, Founder and CEO of Jukeboxy Music for Business:

Q: Orhun, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Jukeboxy Music for Business?

A: Sure! Jukeboxy Music for Business was founded in 2013 in New York City during my DJ’ing career where I was also curating music for events and high-end restaurants. I realized that curated business music was almost non-existence in the city. Also, business owners weren’t aware of the consequences of using personal use music services in their businesses like costly penalties by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC – the Performing Right Organizations. I decided to create a platform where background music licenses are paid on behalf of businesses, expertly curated playlists are provided, which could be easily matched with the mood and atmosphere of the business, and artists receive the royalties they deserve for their musical works.

Over the years, Jukeboxy Music for Business became a reputable music streaming service which provides services to a variety of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, in the USA and in Canada.

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Q: You’ve recently announced that your music can now be accessed by businesses that use Alexa enabled devices; could you tell us something more?

A: Yes, we are the world’s first Alexa enabled commercial music streaming service.

Music streaming with Alexa has already taken over homes so we thought it was about time for businesses to utilize this technology while being 100% compliant with the Copyright Law. Before adding “Just Ask Alexa” skill in our players, we launched our integration with Sonos Speaker Systems. Some of the Sonos Speaker models come with built-in Alexa technology and that gave us the idea to add Alexa controlled players in our service that would also work with Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot.

For us, it is important to offer innovative features and products to our customers and we believe voice-controlled business music streaming is the next big thing. We are already receiving positive feedback from our customers in different industries like healthcare, food & beverage, and hospitality who are using our service in their Alexa enabled devices. It feels good to know that we’re making our customers’ lives easier and more fun perhaps. Who doesn’t like asking Alexa to do things for them?

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Sure! When we first started in 2013, our service was available only in IOS and Android mobile devices. Shortly after we added our PC and Mac players. Today, our service works with IOS, Android, Amazon mobile devices, MAC and PC Computers, Sonos Speaker Systems and Alexa enabled devices. A few years ago, we added a dedicated hardware called Jukeboxy Player Box for businesses who prefer to use a dedicated media player than mobile devices or computers.

Offering our services in a wide range of devices provides customers with the freedom to choose the most affordable and applicable device for their businesses.

We also provide them with smart music management tools. One of them is our mobile remote-control app which connects to the business’ Jukeboxy player from anywhere in the world. Users can see what is playing at their business, change playlists remotely and if they have multiple locations, they can add all accounts under the same app and access them all remotely.

The other tool is our web-based manager’s dashboard. On this dashboard users can create a weekly playlist schedule by day-part and include multiple playlists to play automatically without worrying about what to play next. It’s a great tool for businesses who want to create a different vibe throughout the day. Again, if a business has multiple locations, they can see all their locations under this one dashboard and copy settings or schedules between the accounts within seconds. Like the mobile remote-control app, they can remotely change playlists instantly without being at the location. They can also add branded audio-messages to play in between songs. In-store audio messaging is a powerful marketing tool, people tend to remember what they hear more than they read, and we encourage our customers to use this powerful tool to promote events or upcoming specials.

Q: What makes you the perfect choice for businesses?

A: Attention to detail and customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority. 1 or 100 locations, a small business or a Fortune 500 enterprise customer they all receive the same personalized service. Our customers have direct access to their account reps which makes the communication easier and relationships stronger.

And of course, the music! I have a background in music, played electric and acoustic guitar in a band, in DJ’ing and music curation. So, creating tasteful and business-appropriate playlists is very important for Jukeboxy Music. Any type of business can find the right music in our service quickly and effortlessly. We provide tools to business owners or enterprise headquarters to simplify the music management at their single or multi-location businesses. We offer complimentary music supervision services and tutorial sessions. We have a hands-on approach and our customers seem to like it. Our executive-level people including myself spend time with our customer support team once or twice a week and answer phone calls to understand what our customers or potential customers need. Some days, I sit down with our curation team and create playlists with them.

It’s important to know and understand what your customers are looking for and provide them with the best solution. It’s a competitive industry and our hands-on approach is making a big difference.

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Q: What can we expect from Jukeboxy Music in Business in the future?

A: We are constantly working on innovations and product additions. Right now, we are working on a new project that I believe will make a big impact specifically in the retail industry but it’s too early to give details. We’ll keep you updated when more details are available after our pilot testing.

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