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justAd Plans To Open Several Locations Around The World

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justAd is one of fastest growing platforms for production and serving of rich media mobile ads. To learn more we sat down with Yariv Erel, CEO of justAd:


Q: How would you describe justAd in your own words?

A: justAd is a marketing technology company.
We focus our technologies on the creation and serving of interactive and engaging advertising. We offer an ensemble of solutions for most of the LUMA landscape categories. Each solution is different in UI, capabilities and business model. Each one is relevant for the specific category i.e. creative agency, DSP, publisher and affiliate marketing.

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Q:You’ve recently introduced eyeMagnet; tell us something more?

A: Yes, we’re very proud of eyeMagnet. eyeMagnet is our latest creation. It’s a fully automatic rich media solution. The first of its kind to our knowledge.
eyeMagnet revolves around three capabilities:
1) Reuse static banners and automatically animate them
2) Video advance units: Auto-start on all screen and more
3) Carousels and galleries: Serve multiple offers / videos in the same slot
You can check it out here:

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Q: What advantage does justAd have over its competitors?

A: Our philosophy is very simple: “better products at lower costs”. When you add great technical support, you get a compelling offering with hardly any customer churns.

Q: What were the main challenges you faced in developing the company?

A: It took us time to understand that never mind how great the technology we released to the market was, advertisers will always want something different. We evolved from believing that “one size fits all” to become a truly agile company. We added a LABS section for rapidly developed features, and introduced a very broad API to our internal interfaces. We are very attentive to our customer’s needs, and always strive to be one step ahead.

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Q: What are your plans? What can we expect from justAd in next six months?

A: We recently became profitable and we plan to maintain it while continuing to grow.
justAd plans to open several locations around the world either directly or via our reseller partners. We take strong notice of the market shift towards programmatic models. Our new releases will embrace all programmatic activities and will be a perfect fit for it. STAY TUNED!

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