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Krystian Wetulani: Wildflower Brands Combines An Unparalleled Customer Experience With Top Quality Products

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Below is our recent interview with Krystian Wetulani, CDO at Wildflower Brands:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Wildflower Brands?

A:Wildflower Brands combines an unparalleled customer experience with top quality products.

It really is about Wildflower product being there throughout the day. Our CBD soaps, to capsules/tinctures, to CBD topicals, to vape products. It’s really from your morning shower to your health routine to keeping active (pain management) to relaxing at the end of the day with a quality vape.

-Consistency of product
-Quality Brands
-Prime Locations and online experience

This is all accomplished through our online Wildflower Wellness and our bricks and mortar City Cannabis brands.

Q: What is your story?

A: Wildflower was started six years ago by our CEO and Founder William MacLean. The impetus for starting the company was developing wellness and plant-based products. We saw a huge trend with consumers looking at their health in a different, more holistic way, and we really wanted to explore the health benefits of hemp and cannabis-based products. Ultimately here in the West coast we have a very strong focus on plant-based remedies so that’s really been the impetus for our company. Our initial product that really put us on the map was our CBD infused topical but at this point we have over 25 SKUs including capsules, tinctures and soaps. The acqusition of City Cannabis Co added an additional source of reveune. City Cannabis is a highly profitable company that’s got a lot of experience and has been operating for many years here already. They’ve got applications in multiple jurisdictions right across Canada and are one of the top retailers when it comes to revenue and branding.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your brands?

A: We could sum it up as “healing without the high”.

The topicals are our top sellers probably comprising 40% of Wildflower Brand Sales. This really speaks to the huge demand that isn’t really being addressed in the topical market. This is localized pain management that most adults suffer from and need a solution to. This is why it’s such a hot seller having people as Kate Hudson calling it their favorite and go-to products.

City Cannabis is not only a store where you can get your cannabis products but it’s really an experience that people come back to for a reason. The feel and flow of the stores are unique, award-winning and unmatched. Our team has been almost obsessed with product testing to get people the consistency that has really been lacking in the industry. This why when you purchase our products, you know what it will do every time and we take pride in that. We are developing our “Citywise” product scales to be the industry standard in regards to describing the products and what they will do for you.

Q: What can we expect from Wildflower Brands in next 12 months?

A: The next 12 months are going to be an exciting time for the company. We have our Downtown Toronto location getting closer to opening by way of our Ontario Operating License.

Our recently signed deal with Rubicon will see us in 8/10 stores across Western Canada and Ontario. The ensures that the products that are being purchased at our BC stores has almost complete market penetration which is absolutely huge.

We have international expansion moving at a great pace which should see us throughout Europe.

We are also making significant strides to strengthen our E-commerce foot print.

The result of this will be significant positive cash-flow and solidifying Wildflower Brands a premier player in the industry and a go to for consumers of all walks of life.

Q: What’s the best thing about Wildflower Brands that people might not know about?

A: That is a really hard question. Most people who haven’t tried our products probably don’t know how reliable they are and effective. Most people who have not been to our City Cannabis stores probably don’t realize how blown away they would be by the shopping experience. This is really good timing as the Wildflower Brands story is a largely untold one. One thing people don’t know is that the Toronto location is going to be the closest to the financial district, the convenience of that prime store location will really drive our bottom line.

I think one of the things that people really don’t know about us is that we took the approach of trying to get it right first then expanding with a consistently replicable model as opposed to rushing into the cannabis boom assuming that pot sells itself. We developed the brand. We developed the expertise, we were very selective about store locations. Product consistency and knowledge is everything to us. Think of it as a chain store. We even know what products are selling better at what locations and at what time of day allowing us to stock and staff in the most efficient manner. This is the Starbucks model and it works. That is what we’ve done for cannabis and now, with that firmly locked in place, we are going to expand and do it profitably. This will translate into significant shareholder value.

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