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L6 Elite Helps You Implement And Manage Lean Six Sigma Projects

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

L6 Elite is a SaaS based Lean Six Sigma implementation and management software, which makes Lean Six Sigma, much leaner. L6 Elite was developed to create an intuitive software package, which will provide users with a simple and quick to use Lean Six Sigma software.

Below is our recent interview with Bre Wallace, Chief Executive Officer at L6 Elite:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to L6 Elite?

A: To keep up to the name of Lean Six Sigma, L6 Elite is designed with simplicity, ease of use and leanness as its paramount value. Therefore, regardless of the Six Sigma background of an employee, L6 Elite makes it super easy for anyone to implement and manage Lean Six Sigma projects. With easy to use interface, step by step guidance on each step and intuitive data-rich dashboards, L6 Elite is the best Lean Six Sigma software out there.

Q: Where did the concept of L6 Elite begin?

A: The initial concept of L6 Elite begin through a conversation between my sister and I; discussing the previous work and development done by me as a contractor in the field of Business Process Management. I was later able to validate this concept while working on my PhD thesis and L6 was born.

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Q: Tell us something more about your background?

A: I am a 13 year Veteran of the US Army, CEO, and Chair of L6 Elite with experience spanning from Project Management, Project Engineering, Corporate Leadership & Management Training, and Lean Six Sigma. I currently teach Business and Technology courses at an online University and serve as the Vice President of Board of Directors of Tempe Prep and I am also a Ph.D. Candidate for Strategy & Innovation at Capella University and hold a Masters in Leadership from Northern Arizona University, and Bachelors in Operations Management Technology from Arizona State University. I was just recently nominated for the AI 2018 Most Influential Business Woman Award for my work within my Consultation firm.

Q: Do you offer free trials?

A: All subscription packages for L6 Elite offer a free 30 day trial; to allow users the opportunity to experience the product.

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Q: What are your plans?

A: The plan is to continue to expand exposure to L6 Elite within the Business Process Management community. We also plan to release future versions of L6 Elite to enhance the user experience and allow a deeper insight into cost/benefit analysis.

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