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Lansweeper – Network Management Solution, Supported By Excellent Customer Service

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Lansweeper is a software development company that focuses on an affordable and user-friendly network management solution. Its core product, Lansweeper, allows you to manage a full inventory of all IT assets, software and changes within. Automated software deployment, Active directory integration and IT asset management are some of the key functionalities of the software, accompanied by an integrated IT help desk and knowledge base. Below is our interview with Nils Macharis from Lansweeper:

Nils Macharis Q: Nils, could you explain the function and advantages of your Network Inventory Software?

A: Keeping track of computers and other devices is an ever-growing concern for small and large businesses alike. Lansweeper is an agentless asset management solution that provides just that, on top of endless possibilities. The software automatically scans any network device and provides a complete inventory of all workstations, servers, routers, switches, monitors, printers …, presenting a wealth of detailed information on hardware as well as software within a user-friendly web interface.

From version 6.0 onwards, Lansweeper comes with a robust help desk & ticketing solution which allows you to centralize all communication and integrate IT asset management with the Lansweeper Help Desk. That link between asset management and service desk provides immediate access to detailed information on case-related devices.


Having accurate data at all times doesn’t need much explaining. Investigating where to invest or where to cut budget? Preparing a software audit or simply solving an issue with a specific machine? You’ll always want to be well informed and have exhaustive reports.

In essence, Lansweeper identifies and pro-actively alerts potential issues before they become a problem. You can run one of the hundreds of built-in reports or create your own through the intuitive report builder, saving time & money. As Lansweeper offers endless possibilities, the advantages vary according to how you use Lansweeper. At its core, the strength of Lansweeper lies in the fact that it’s highly customizable, scalable and versatile.

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Q: You’ve recently announced a corporate name change to Lansweeper. Tell us something more?

A: The new business name was part of a rebranding initiative to align the corporate identity with our main product. In this way, the company’s brand identity is more accurately represented, allowing clearer communication towards customers. The former company name, Hemoco, was less known and sometimes caused confusion among our customers. Realigning the corporate name with our core product was an instinctive move to avoid misunderstandings.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your software?

A: The overall functionality of Lansweeper is so extensive that it’s not evident to cover each aspect, even in a superficial way. I’ll just highlight some of them.
To start, Lansweeper offers a variety of scanning targets to determine how and when, which section of the network is scanned. A target can be anything from an IP range to a hostname or AD object to a specific asset type.

When you log in to the Lansweeper web console, events are categorized as high priority, important or informational. You can immediately see and address concerns as they arise. By clicking on a high-priority event, you’ll be able to see which assets are out of compliance and immediate action can be undertaken. There are similarly prioritized views for software, hardware, servers, active directory and network devices. On top of that, each individual asset has its own summary page.

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Lansweeper integrates directly with active directory, allowing you to gather user and computer details linked to your domain. It helps you to stay on top of software license compliance, regulatory compliance, and general systems compliance. It lets you create and view reports, as well as set up notifications/alerts.

Time-consuming, repetitive tasks can be completed in just a few minutes through Lansweeper’s deployment module. Deployment packages can do pretty much everything, from installing and uninstalling software to removing unauthorized software and automatically shutting down computers at the end of the day.

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The Knowledge Base provides a customizable central repository to document important company knowledge, frequently asked questions, manuals, and workarounds. Relevant corporate information can be gathered in the form of self-help articles, increasing staff productivity.

Q: What can we expect from Lansweeper in the next six months?

A: We have an extensive wish list and strive for continual improvement, without losing the focus of the bigger picture: Offer an affordable and reliable network management solution, supported by excellent customer service. You can expect Lansweeper to release additional capabilities that are centered on streamlining and expanding the overall functionality of the software.

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