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Lauren Ross Design Is The Epitome Of Art And Fashion Merging

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Below is our recent interview with Lauren Ross, the Founder and CEO at Lauren Ross Design:

Q: Lauren, you have one of the new and exciting brands to enter the Art/Luxury space and your success is impressive. Please provide our readers with a brief introduction to Lauren Ross Design.

A: Life is a luxury I am blessed to enjoy. Life is the ultimate luxury, a gift . Everyday this beautiful gift inspires my art, and the artwork inspires my products.

Lauren Ross Design is the epitome of art and fashion merging. It is where art gives inspiration and birth to luxury lifestyle products.

Q: You have beautiful and very unique art and also products. Have you always been inspired to make both art and luxury goods?

A: I would say yes because art and luxury goods are one and the same. The heart of the company is all of my original paintings and photography, which are used to create lifestyle products; beauty, fashion and homeware. For example, the paintings are inspiration for lipstick colors, photographs create homeware collections, and poetry is brought to life in fashion. Our customer is living their best life, following their own compass and being the captain of their ship. They are the ultimate art connoisseur and want to enjoy art not only on their walls but through products as well.

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Q: How did your company come into being?

A: I have been an artist my entire life and was in the fashion industry as well for over 10 years. I have a deep passion for both art and the luxury product space. When I initially created Lauren Ross Design the goal was to tackle two voids I saw in the market. The art and fashion industry needed to be merged and blended, and patrons and consumers of the arts needed to have a direct connection with the artist. It is thoroughly gratifying interacting with my clients. They love to hear the story and history behind my paintings. I feel so much joy when they acquire my original art and that my art deeply resonates with them. It has been said to me many times how much fun it is to wear lipstick inspired by the painting on their wall.

Q: Lauren, tell us something about your background.

A: My background is an immersion of art, fashion and finance. I studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and Polimoda in Florence Italy, and was an executive at Saks Fifth Avenue for over a decade.

Q: Did you enjoy living in Italy? Are there other things that inspire you outside of art and luxury?

A: Living in Italy felt like being home, and that experience was a pivotal part of my personal discovery. It’s amazing how now many of our customers are in Europe and the US which has led to wonderful relationships being built in the same countries I enjoyed exploring while living in Italy. I think my passions outside of my love for art and fashion are also a big part of what inspires me:

Q: What are other things you are passionate about outside of art?

A: Studying ancient history, playing golf, tennis, sprinting, cooking organic food, traveling, being in nature and spending time with my husband.

Q: You mentioned that nature and history inspire your artwork, how so?

A: I love that nature and history both speak through patterns and symbols. When you take the time to meditate in nature it is beautiful, baffling, and exquisitely crafted. When I’m creating a new artwork the principles I focus on are always the same, each piece must be timeless, classic, and stand the test of history.

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Q: What has been the most rewarding part of creating Lauren Ross Design?

A: Initially, I was very nervous about what the public reaction would be. But being a new company and determined to succeed I focused even more on creating what was truly authentic to me and my vision. This way, instead of being nervous about the public reaction to my company, my focus would be in making something I was proud of. Thankfully, it has worked out greater than my expectations. Our customers’ reactions and positive feedback has been overwhelming. Our customers tend to be extremely successful people with access to the best of everything, so it is very humbling and I am so excited about the success of the company. The process of building the business has been rewarding, humbling, exciting, challenging, life giving, and has been a big part of my personal growth.

Q: So 2020 has been a very good year for you so far?

A: With all that is going on in the world right now, the feedback has been wonderful and I have chosen to focus on what I can control. With that said I am excited to announce there are several new art pieces that will be unveiled in the near future and also new product launches in the coming weeks.

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