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Le VPN – Provides The Highest Level Of Internet Security And Anonymity

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Le VPN helps users to achieve maximum security when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, as well as to avoid country censorship and location restrictions during geographical relocation or traveling. Virtual Private Network provider Le VPN has recently expanded its coverage to 64 new countries for a total of 114 locations around the world. Below is our interview with Ksenia Votinova from Le VPN team:


Q: What is Le VPN and how is it different?

A: Le VPN is a French startup that grew into a truly global VPN service provider for people from all over the world. Our clients come from more than 160 different countries and use our VPN service for many different reasons, to include protecting the internet connection on their devices when connecting from public WiFi spots to unblocking the online content of media websites from abroad, as well as bypassing censorship when traveling or living in highly censored countries.

We at Le VPN try to be in close touch with our clients and are always happy to receive their feedback to guide us in the areas where we need to grow. Due to this, because of popular demand last year, we integrated a SmartDNS service into our Le VPN package, which automatically unblocks online streaming from the US, UK and France. The list of channels to unblock was also voted on by our clients. Then we went a step further and added a HybridVPN service earlier this year, which combines the benefits of a SmartDNS, which is ultra-fast online streaming for a number of unblocked channels in three countries, but also removes the SmartDNS’s downside of its connection not being encrypted and therefore not secure. So, the HybridVPN combines the two: Fast online streaming (for a limited number of pre-unblocked channels, including Netflix) and a secure connection. Both HybridVPN and SmartDNS are a part of the upgraded all-inclusive Le VPN package for the same price, starting at $4.95 per month.

Over the summer, we launched another client survey which helped us to choose the new countries where we should place our VPN servers. With that in mind, we have just launched servers in 64 new countries, and our VPN server network now covers 114 countries in the world.

It is very important for us to have happy clients and to be in sync with what our clients actually need and want, and that is probably the point that differentiates Le VPN from the rest. Besides, it’s always very motivating when we get great feedback!

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Q: Le VPN helps users protect their internet connection in public WiFi spots, hotels and airport lounges. Tell us something more. How does Le VPN work?

A: Le VPN encrypts all the internet traffic of its users and sends it through our VPN servers, which makes their internet connection 100% secure even when connecting to WiFi that is open to anyone: on the public WiFi networks, coffee shops, hotels, airport lounges, conference centers, schools, libraries and so on. That means that even the most sophisticated hacker would not be able to get into the user’s device and see what info he is sending or to which website he is going, or what kind of activities he is doing. It is all protected with Le VPN’s military-strong encryption. All one needs to do is to turn on Le VPN on their device.

When connecting to Le VPN, users also pick which VPN server they want to connect to. Some users connect to VPN servers in their home countries, while some others pick servers abroad to get access to those countries’ online content that might be restricted in their home countries. That is a very popular reason to use a VPN also, especially for ex-pats or those who need to bypass geographic restrictions on the Internet.

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Q: Le VPN helps iOS and Android users protect mobile devices. Tell us something more.

A: Using a VPN on your mobile device is probably even more important than using it on your computer or laptop, as we are all going online from our smartphones and tablets way more nowadays. Le VPN for mobile devices has the same uses as for computers, and we even have an iOS app that helps users to pick and quickly install Le VPN servers on their iPhone or iPad, to always stay secure when browsing, sending important emails or making transactions from their mobile device.

Le VPN is also compatible with Androids, and all the installation instructions for using a VPN on an Android are provided on our website. All in all, the installation is very easy across all devices and doesn’t take more than 2 minutes.

Q: Who do you see as your principle target audience?

A: Our target audience is very vast and could be absolutely anyone who cares about their online security and protecting their personal information. Most of us are now using Internet on the go, connecting from coffee shops and other public WiFis, and it’s only natural to protect yourself through a VPN.

We also have a lot of clients expatriated in other countries and wishing to access internet content and online media in their home countries, which are usually geographically restricted from abroad. Some others simply want to unblock their favorite TV shows when traveling or living in a place where they are not available, and Le VPN is a great solution for that.

Our website and client areas are fully operational in English, French and Spanish, as well as our client services team. Spanish is the new language we’ve integrated not too long ago, and we are happy to see a growing number of Spanish-speaking Le VPN users.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Le VPN?

A: I believe that very soon everybody will be using a VPN when they begin to understand the dangers of exposing their internet activities through rarely secure connections. The only question will be which VPN service provider to pick.

Le VPN is a very fast-growing, innovative company, constantly improving our service and always attentive to our clients’ demands. Our team is composed of top information security experts who used to protect CAC40 companies in France and Fortune 100 companies all over the world, but are now offering security solutions for private individuals like you and me. Our servers’ network is constantly growing and we invest a lot into innovation and making our product easy to use and accessible to everyone. Probably the best way to convince the reader would be to let them read the client testimonials on our website. They say it all.

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