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Learn About HulaNet (Warranty, Response, And Support)

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A HulaNet support contract will help you maintain a healthy and resilient network. It provides comprehensive support to improve your network performance, capacity, availability, reliability, and security. HulaNet also assists you in driving more value from your IT investment by extending the lifespan of your network assets.

Our items are sold new and pre-owned. All items are tested for 24 hours incoming and additional 24 hours outgoing from inventory. 1, 3, or 5-year warranties and support are available on all items.

Hula Networks’ HulaNet offers:

  •  Advanced replacement of defective equipment is included, often with next-day delivery based on equipment availability.
  •  HulaNet footprint-maintains stock of network devices in multiple locations globally.
  •  8x5xNext Business Day technical support from Cisco/Juniper-Certified technicians is immediately available on all pre-owned or new equipment.
  •  Lifetime support for OEM End-of Life Products

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The process:

HulaNet provides online asset tracking for existing and new assets, giving instant and secure access to all contract and equipment information twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This means a corporate user can log on, view assets at a glance, place service calls, plan renewals, and shop for better pricing – all on the same web site. Keep track of all of your IT hardware assets – live 7×24. Know where everything is, or where it is supposed to be, who is responsible for that asset, and how much you are paying to maintain it. Know when the contract renews, plan budgets, and do it all with Hula Networks  ll with Hula Networks

What’s really behind HulaNet?

Hula Networks’ internal review procedures that facilitate high-quality standards in addition to the above 12-point Certification Process Hula Networks Inc will perform the following for all orders.  Hula Networks consolidates the best in class maintenance programs of our numerous partners, and gives clients access through the convenience and efficiency of a single point of contact. Our on-line suite of software tools saves time and money in the processes of procuring, managing, tracking, and utilizing these “Best in Class” multi-vendor IT services.

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