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LiquidPixels Enables Customers To Leverage The Power Of Dynamic Imaging To Increase Their Productivity

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LiquidPixels leads the imaging revolution. Almost 18 years ago, they saw the opportunity to bring imaging to the forefront of retail. Today, they develop on-demand imaging solutions, built on open standards, designed to quickly integrate into existing web and workflow environments. Below is our interview with Marc Spencer, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at LiquidPixels:

Marc Spencer

Q: Marc, tell us something more about LiquidPixels and your products?

A: Our products and services enable our customers to leverage the power of dynamic imaging to increase their productivity, reduce their costs, and bring functionality to their websites and emails that isn’t possible with any other platform. Our customers benefit from our wide variety of dynamic imaging technologies, including LiquiFire OS — our dynamic imaging platform, LiquiFire Viewer Suite — our responsive interactive viewers, and LiquiFire Resolve — our fully-automatic high-DPI content negotiation engine. All of this is available through either a hosted service or our turn-key LiquiFire Imaging Server appliances. From page weight reduction through image optimization, and automatic scaling, to product personalization and customization — LiquidPixels helps our customers turn what they deem impossible into reality.

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Q: You’ve recently announced enhancements to LiquiFire OS; could you tell us something more?

A: LiquiFire Operating System (OS), our flagship product, represents the broadest set of imaging capabilities available today enabling high-speed production image scaling, product personalization, sophisticated dynamic web-to-print, and limitless imaging tools.

Ease of integration, breadth of capability, and raw power. The LiquiFire OS approach allows a continuous balance between simple production imaging to sophisticated, expressive imaging. Each new version brings continuous new functionality. We drive to continuously incorporate industry trends — responsive design, HiDPI imaging, dynamic content negotiation, accessibility — so our customers are free to focus on their core business.

Q: What is dynamic imaging and how does it work?

A: Dynamic Imaging is the on-demand manipulation of digital images, offering both a relief from mundane manual preparation and management of digital imagery, as well as removes many of the limitations that manual processing accidentally imposes. We classify dynamic imaging into two main categories: Production Imaging and Advanced Imaging.

Production Imaging allows you to manipulate images to optimize page delivery, unify presentation, and address design and platform challenges. Production imaging provides image scaling, crop, and dynamic imaging format selection and compression. Present your images alone, or use our comprehensive viewer suite — including zoom, 360 spin, and magnify — that mesh together with your other imaging needs.

Advanced Imaging addresses challenges requiring product customization, colorization, text manipulation, etc. LiquiFire OS also provides powerful tools for fabric draping, as well as postscript and PDF document manipulation.

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Q: Who are the primary clients of LiquidPixels?

A: LiquidPixels provides dynamic imaging to a wide range of clientele. Our clients are typically enterprise level retailers within the e-commerce industry operating sites that demand the best optimization, responsive design, and flexibility. From luxury cars, stylish clothing and shoes, elite jewelry, to toys, and sporting equipment — demanding retailers choose LiquidPixels Dynamic Imaging Solutions to power their websites.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: More magic. One of the significant benefits LiquidPixels brings to its customers is our focus on continuous adaptation to the ever-changing online world. Upcoming releases of LiquiFire OS will demonstrate our continued commitment to areas like accessibility, HiDPI display, content negotiation, expanding our ever-richer set of imaging tools. Working with us, our customers can leverage our forward thinking expertise.

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