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LiveSeat App – Discover Events And Share Emotions Like Never Before

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Written by: Fabio Botella, Co-Founder & CEO of LiveFrom

On January 29th the first version of the LiveSeat app was published in the App Store. Our social network aims to connect users who want to share opinions, predictions and photographs from major live events in the USA and worldwide.

The most important aspect that this first version offers is a unique space for both users who attend the event, as well as those in close proximity of the venue to connect and share about the event. Thus, a greater relevance is given to all content that is published directly from the event.

The most interesting thing in the network is that even if you downloaded the app just hours before attending an important event like a SuperBowl, content that this user posted may be seen automatically by hundreds of thousands of users around the world who also enter the exclusive section of that event.


Currently the database has more than 2,500 events for the first quarter including sports games, concerts, festivals and awards, and is updated daily.

The majority of events in LiveSeat are great generators of content in different social networks, but no other application offers users a simple and fast way to exchange opinions about a specific event. “On LiveSeat the user only has to enter the section of the event to start exchanging content and pictures. No need to locate the event hashtag or spend minutes looking for information generated by users who are in the venue,”

The events are open in the App for a specified period of time, depending on its duration. For example, an NBA game is open for 36 hours, while some festivals may be open up to one week.

The team’s vision is to solidify LiveSeat as one of the most important social networks in sharing information about live events and in turn, offer a unique exhibition space for attendees.

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