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Local Measure Drives Customer Experience For Hotels And Tourism Businesses

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Local Measure helps businesses understand and manage the customer conversations and influencers at their locations, hotels, malls and event venues. By merging local content, social media and mobile technology, it provides some of the world’s largest brands with live access to data, rich content and analytics at a local level.

Below is our interview with Jonathan Barouch, CEO and founder of Local Measure:

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Q: You’ve recently announced your integration with Cisco’s cloud collaboration platform Cisco Spark. What are main benefits for your customers?

A: The ability to respond to customers immediately is critical across any industry. Our integration with Cisco’s cloud collaboration platform will allow our customers to quickly and effectively respond to end customer feedback and help front-line operational teams collaborate, delivering exceptional service to their end customers.

Some of our customers include many of the world’s leading hotels, malls, and hospitality and tourism brands. They rely on our platform for analytics and real-time alerts on service issues, notifications of repeat and influential customers who are on premise and the acquisition and republishing of content. These notifications and alerts can now be seamlessly pushed into a Cisco Spark room allowing front-line teams to click through to respond to customers, escalate and manage the situation in real-time and on the go from anywhere on any device.

Cisco Spark allows teams to work together in one place to identify the best course of action when responding to customers. This kind of collaboration around customer experience is transforming the way our customers deliver service to their clients.

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Q: Could you explain the most prominent advantages of your customer intelligence platform?

A: Our platform is the leading location based intelligence platform meaning that we surface public feedback and social media posts irrespective of whether the customer mentions the brand’s official hashtag or name. Local Measure uses the location tags added by consumers to intelligently route the comments and posts to the right venue at the right time to take action.

Social media offers immense opportunities for brands to connect directly with their customers to provide real-time service, better understand their preferences as well as drive customer loyalty and advocacy. Local Measure’s unique location-based view allows organizations to zoom in to any business location and understand what is happening with their customers live.

The ability to amplify positive experiences in real time to drive loyalty and repeat business is critical for service based companies. On the flip side the ability to course correct when things go wrong gives our clients a huge competitive advantage.

Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: We offer a compelling value proposition for brands who want to improve customer experience, drive brand loyalty and build real-time data insights. Many of the world’s largest hospitality and tourism brands including Dubai Tourism, Accor Hotels, Sydney Opera House and Virgin Hotels are leveraging our customer intelligence platform to monitor real-time customer insights to refine their customer strategy and end user experience.

Our ideal customer are physical locations like hotels and entertainment venues where people use their phones and social media to share their feedback, experiences and content from the venues.

established offices in the US, Singapore and the UK Recommended: Grow Raises $11 Million To Make Its BI Platform Even Faster And Easier To Use

Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: We are headquartered in Australia and have established offices in the US, Singapore and the UK since Local Measure was established in 2013. We hired aggressively in 2015, adding almost 20 staff to harness the opportunity that social media is creating and to ensure we can fully meet the requirements across the diverse markets where we have presence. We are continuing to ride on this momentum based on the solid foundation that the company has built to create even bigger success in our key markets.

We have clients in 240 cities globally and our multi-lingual capabilities mean that we can serve clients in any country and language.

Q: What can we expect from you in next 12 months?

A: We are laser focused on helping our customers deliver personalized and timely service to their clients. To do this we need to be the leading platform and collecting, analyzing and reporting on customer preferences. Our development pipeline over the next 12 months involves continuing to build on our capabilities that allow front line teams to quickly view and deliver service based on the known preferences of their customers.

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