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looped in – A Smart New Way To Pay!

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Payment system looped in combines the convenience of a mobile app with the simple transparency of a cash transaction. Provided by PXT Payments, looped in gives you the freedom to pay with your smartphone, send money to friends and get special deals and promotions. Here is our interview with Rivka Tadjer CMO at PXT Payments:

Rivka TadjerQ: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe PXT Payments?

A: PXT Payments is the company. Our product is looped in, a payments and rewards system facilitating transactions via mobile devices such as peer to peer, onsite POS, mobile merchants, and on the Internet. Rewards are delivered seamlessly in the app. With the looped in app we strive to expand merchant-consumer relationships by providing a safe, secure, payment alternative for the customer, automated rewards. The merchant can engage customers, reward customers, and reach out to customers in new ways with our social media driven, geolocated ecosystem in an app.

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Q: You’ve recently announced version 3.0 of your app – looped in. Tell us something more?

A: Version 3.0 offers the user a more personalized payment experience while maintaining the natural intuitive quality of our app. With the click of just one “super button” users can pay, send and deposit money into their account. We simplified the payment process while still maintaining consumer privacy and an attractive design.


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Q: Could you explain the advantages of looped in compared to similar apps?

A: looped in is more than just a mobile app. We offer users the chance to interact with their friends by sending messages and sharing deals at no cost; looped in is completely free for the consumer — no hidden fees or random charges. And it connects people to their entire community.


Q:What benefits looped in can offer to merchants?

A: By promoting merchants both in app and on social media we provide merchants with free publicity. looped in’s exclusive merchant promotions and discounts attract many customers for Boston based businesses.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using looped in?

A: looped in is a smart and safe way to pay and earn rewards, stay in touch with your community. Individuals who use looped in experience the opportunity to access exclusive deals and make purchases with the click of the button, and send money to other people. And it works online or in a store. I would advise anyone who seeks a secure, easy and free payment and reward system to download looped in and start saving.

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