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loveit coverit Delivers Quick And Simple Insurance For Phones, Tablets And Accessories

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Over the years mobile phones have turned from bulky handsets to slim, eye-catching, intelligent devices and the loss, damage and theft of such a device has become a great expense for the owner. Luckily, loveit coverit, understands the pain of being disconnected and has been offering one of the best phone, tablet and accessory insurances and covers worldwide for over 13 years. Below is our interview with Mark Gordon, CEO of loveit coverit:

Q: Mark, tell us something more about loveit coverit?

A: loveit coverit has been the result of a culmination of taking our shareholders 50 years’ experience of delivering mobile phone services to millions of consumers in the mobile industry with our own heritage of delivering fully managed mobile phone insurance schemes on behalf of some the largest networks and retailers in the UK; therefore creating a market leading product which we can sell direct to consumers.

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Q: What is the motto that guides your decisions?

A: The motto is really within the name; we have loved mobile phones for years and have always believed that customer experience is paramount to any successful business. Our staff are even trained on technical aspects of how to back up and restore your phone so that customers can rest assured that we will be there to assist all along their journey, especially in the event of a claim.

As smartphones have become increasingly popular, people have become increasingly dependent on them, in both their personal and professional lives and therefore don’t like to be without them. We understand this. Years of experience has allowed us to understand exactly what people are looking for and this is what we’ve built our product on. For example, we offer accessories cover, with more and more people investing in items like expensive headphones.

All our policies offer unlimited worldwide cover too, something that’s not that common amongst our competitors. Our claims database shows that 22% of theft claims are for instances abroad – with people often letting their guard down a little more on holiday.

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Q: What’s the achievement loveit coverit is most proud of?

A: We are really proud of how loveit coverit has cemented itself as a leading brand in this space, which is further evident by how MoneySuperMarket has rated us No1 on their site based upon the quality of our product. We have also quickly achieved a Defaqto 5-star rating based upon the coverage and terms of our policies. In addition, we are really proud of how we have created one the simplest to use websites and this also goes for our mobile optimised site that makes buying mobile insurance as simple and quick as it can be.

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Q: What can we expect from loveit coverit in the future? What are your plans?

A: We constantly challenge ourselves on how we can improve and deliver exceptional products and services for our customers and we’re also never standing still when it comes to driving our business forward for the benefit of our customers and its shareholders. We plan to expand our presence in the UK as well as launching soon in EIRE. To continue the development of our products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and remaining at the cutting edge of our sector.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using loveit coverit?

A: loveit coverit are better placed to service customers than any of our competitors due to the fact that we truly own and manage in-house every aspect of the customer journey, unlike others who will generally outsource your claims, repairs and fulfilment. No-one else in the UK does all this under one roof. By combining our heritage in serving mobile phone consumers for over 20 years and the fact we are hands on in all aspects required to service policyholders, we can ensure a superb customer experience at every point of their journey. Our customers can rest assured they are in very safe hands when it comes to not just getting the best rated insurance product on the market but also a personal and hands-on approach to service delivery.

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