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Mallama Makes Skincare More Seamless And More Enjoyable For Today’s Generation Of Men

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Below is our recent interview with Rish Sharma, the Founder and CEO of Mallama:

Q: Can you please share a bit of background on the Mallama concept including its founding story and its growth up until this point?

A: People always ask me where the idea for Mallama came from and like all great business ideas that came from a personal problem. My problem.

I was working all night for weeks at my family business, a couple of years ago and my face started to literally break out from the stress. So I looked for a solution and became overwhelmed by all the products out there. I ended up texting all of my friends to see what kind of skincare products I should buy, and all of them said, don’t get the one I have. I hate it. It’s so harsh on my skin.

It turns out that in the Men’s skincare, you used to have two options, a cheap, chemical-ridden product that is so harsh you break out, or a high-quality skincare product that was probably more expensive than the rent for the bathroom that you put products on.

So we decided to change that. We interviewed over 1100 Men to understand how they use skincare products and what would make a skincare routine truly perfect for them. And it ended up being really simple. Something that doesn’t overcomplicate it, it doesn’t make you break out, and something that is proven.

Our goal was to make the perfect skincare routine, so it’s super simple. The Products are easily number, so, so easy to move from one product to the next and the formula is all-natural and gentle on the skin. So no more redness and break-outs on your skin.

Every decision we make has you in mind because we have a team full of people who love skincare Mallama exists to make skincare more seamless and more enjoyable, and we’re gonna keep making products that do that for Men in the future.

We envision a brand that makes the perfect version of everything you need to feel confident seamlessly and sustainably.

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Q: What types of products do you provide to your clients?

A: When Launching Mallama, We wanted to build a business where we keep selling your 100 of different products but rather we wanted to build a business built on the pillars of good Skincare Routine for any age. We have launched with 5 Key Products that are pillars of any good routine – Cleanser, Toner, Scrub, Serum, & Moisturizer.


Q: How complicated skincare is really?

A: A daily skincare routine that will have you looking decidedly well-groomed and glowing: cleanse (AM+ PM), tone, scrub (1 to 2x Weekly), moisturize (AM+PM), hydrate, and protect.

Once your skin becomes accustomed to the basics (cleanser, toner, scrub, moisturizer, and SPF sunscreen), move on to serum and eye cream. Believe when we say that the added minute or two in front of the mirror every morning will leave you better prepared for whatever the day might bring.

The key to feeling sharp and confident in your skin every day is consistency. Good news, follow this skincare routine, and results of great skin and better care of their skin will be achieved in no time.

Q: There’s a skin test available on your site. How does it work?

A: The Skin Test is a Feature that we offer for free on our website. Thru a series of questions about your skin, environment, and lifestyle habits we are able to identify your exact skin type (Dry, Normal, Oily, & Sensitive) and then offer you a personalized routine that would help you to maximize skin results.

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Q: What we can look forward to seeing from Mallama next?

A: Mallama is focused on delivering a seamless customer experience while demystifying areas of health & routines that have been historically approachable and confusing to understand. We look forward to venturing into other routines and help men to adopt new healthy habits so they can thrive without compromising the planet.

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