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Manufacturer Of A Real-Time Location System Sewio Networks Announces A 947% Three-Year Growth

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Below is our recent interview with Petr Passinger, CMO at Sewio Networks:

Q: What’s Sewio Networks?

A: We are a manufacturer of a real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor tracking. This means that we can precisely track and trace any movement within buildings. Through this, we help companies from industry, retail, sport or even livestock to be more productive, cost-effective and safe.

Having real-time movement data, industrial customers can monitor and improve the workflow of their production using fully digital eKanban, retailers can better plan their goods distribution throughout their stores, sport coaches set up new tactics for their teams and farmers prevent the illnesses of their cattle. Although the variety of usages of our indoor positioning system makes our daily job interesting, most of our customers come from industry; companies such as Volkswagen, Budweiser Budvar, Pirelli, Toyota, Škoda and others.

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Q: How did your company come to be?

A: It’s a classic garage-like startup story, only without the garage. Two friends, Lubomir and Milan, met during their postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and had a shared strong belief in taking advantage of ultra-wideband technology in real-life use cases. This quickly turned out to be true with their first project for the European Space Agency, quickly followed by work for Edeka, a retail company in Germany.

Q: What’s the most unique thing about your RTLS Platform?

A: A combination of three elements where only one of them makes Sewio RTLS unique in its way.
•Firstly, it’s the foundation of our indoor positioning system – the physical features of the ultra-wideband (UWB) technology it runs. Any No other technology can ensure the true location with 30cm accuracy at a high refresh rate even in a harsh environment with lots of interferences. Unlike other indoor tracking vendors, thanks to the technology, real-life projects don’t fail on the technical side.

•Secondly, it’s the Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) scheme that enables a highly positive return of investment of any project as it dramatically increases the battery life, allowing 1,000+ tracked objects at once, and easy scalability to cover thousands of m². Unlike other vendors using different schemes, we can make the payback period of the investment under one year while keeping the door for further innovation open by having a fully scalable product.

•Lastly, it’s our partnership with 70+ companies who are experts in their verticals from industry and manufacturing, through to retail and even sports or livestock. Taking advantage of their industry specific knowledge and being close to the needs and challenges of their end clients helped us to be pioneers in introducing new customer-focused features to the world of indoor-positioning systems. No other vendor has such a wide partner network bringing strong hands-on experience.

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Q: You’ve been recently named Fast 50 Rising Star by Deloitte, could you tell us more about it?

A: The award ranks companies on their revenue growth in the last three years with a minimum revenue that must have been exceeded. We are placed 6th as we have achieved a 947% three-year growth. This revenue was completely realized on the revenue coming solely from our real-time location system for indoor tracking. As the Deloitte awards happen regularly, we will do our best to be awarded again, this time with a four-digit growth.

Q: How do you see the UWB indoor positioning system developing in the future, and how will that affect your company?

A: The project’s coverage goes bigger; they started at 1,000 square meters while today 10,000 m2 is not an exception. This goes hand in hand with streamlined and easier deployment. The next big things will happen through the further utilization of the current installations—customers no longer think about only tracking the movement in the area, but about creating a fully smart space.

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