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Marketing Data Intelligence Platform Adverity Helps Marketing Teams To Become Truly Data Driven

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Below is our recent interview with Alexander Igelsböck​, CEO of Adverity:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Adverity?

A: We are a marketing data intelligence platform that specializes in enabling marketing teams to become truly data driven. By turning siloed data into actionable insight, Adverity allows marketers to make better decisions and drive success, while cutting down on everyday complexity and the manual effort often needed to create business reporting. When crucial information is accessible and actionable, managing multi-channel spend, building smart campaigns and demonstrating return on investment is fast and easy.

Q: What are the key benefits of using your platform?

A: Marketers need accurate insights to hit the right mark. They need to know what impact they are making and where budgets should be directed to drive the best results, especially in the current climate. Adverity provides the single source of truth required to fuel precise and profitable marketing activity.

By efficiently integrating data from hundreds of sources, our marketing data platform creates a complete view of performance that shows what is working and what isn’t, so marketing effectiveness can be instantly improved and investments justified. The real-time insights produced by our Augmented Analytics tool also help increase agility. Designed to identify valuable insights, it continuously filters through data and pinpoints the next best steps that marketers can make to fully harness the findings, helping to ensure they remain ahead of the curve, and their competitors.

Additionally, many of these advantages apply at a wider company level. Maintaining a strong position means keeping a firm grip on customer behavior, markets, trends, and operations. Connecting data across organizations makes it easier for all teams to communicate, collaborate, and innovate. Instead of spending time and effort searching through data and producing manual reports, every area of the business can harmonize by tapping into the same pool of insight to seize new opportunities, develop services, and enhance customer experiences.

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Q: Who is your ideal user and why?

A: In recent years we’ve seen agencies and brands across multiple sectors increasingly struggle with rising volumes of siloed data. Adverity’s mission is to equip companies with the technology they need to address this challenge. Our ideal client is therefore any company that wants to realize the full value of their marketing data; whether an individual brand, agency, e-commerce platform or telecoms firm. Naturally, these clients have different demands. Brands, for example, typically have large amounts of unconsolidated data resulting from numerous marketing channels, tools and platforms. We help them overcome their biggest challenge in making better decisions, improving performance and demonstrating the value marketing is bringing to the business by creating a single view of the organization’s marketing performance.

Brands want to work with fast paced data-driven agencies, so from an agency perspective understanding brand needs and the customer journey across multiple brands, channels and devices is key. One of the biggest challenges agencies face is cutting through the mountains of data available from multiple clients and campaigns. Managing numerous accounts and getting client advertisements in front of the right audience segments and ahead of competitors is not an easy task. Agency teams need to constantly monitor, tweak and optimize campaigns, detect anomalies and trends, reassign budgets, and make forecasts at scale – and all this on top of addressing new business activities. By optimizing channel performance and displaying an understanding of the target audience, agencies are able to communicate their value which is vital in becoming an agency of choice.

Through advanced analytics, user-friendly visualizations and rapid activation, we aim to eradicate data chaos and power better marketing for all.

Q: What’s the best thing about Adverity that people might not know about?

A: The variety of ways we apply the latest innovative technology, artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, being a prime example. At Adverity, we strongly feel that marketing tools should be valued for the results they produce, rather than the intelligent capabilities used to deliver those outcomes. As a result, many of our most innovative AI features are powerful yet subtle, working in the background to support marketing teams to deliver more, with less. Businesses should be less concerned about using technologies because they sound good and more focussed on the tangible benefits they yield.

Behind our Augmented Analytics technology is an AI engine that’s constantly working to answer marketing questions before they are asked; mining through historic and incoming data to detect anomalies and identify patterns, and making insightful recommendations on the best use of budgets to optimize ROI. Insights that may have remained lost among huge amounts of data, and answers which would take far longer to identify manually, are found immediately. It also makes it possible to resolve unseen issues – which could otherwise become very costly if left unchecked – as they occur.

Ongoing data integration is also kept running smoothly by an array of unseen tech. For example, when linking data for multiple advertisers we discovered that inconsistencies with Naming Conventions were causing common problems. Discrepancies in the way named elements were being entered into execution platforms — such as particular campaigns and placements — made it difficult to run like-for-like comparisons, extract insight, and determine how to increase return on ad spend. Now, we’ve created a specific automated solution. From the advertiser perspective, firing up the Smart Naming Conventions simply brings their data into order, but in the background, AI is finding and correcting issues.

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Q: What can we expect from Adverity in the next 6 months?

A: Long-term planning and a defined business strategy are always essential, but outlooks can change quickly; as the last few months have proven. While we have a clear overall direction for Adverity, we believe it’s crucial to be flexible about how we arrive at that end goal. This is especially true with areas such as marketing, where approaches constantly need to pivot in line with changing consumer habits and market conditions. Our in-house analytical abilities mean we don’t necessarily have to plot every move far in advance: we can use the most up-to-date insight to establish the most effective way of progressing towards our ultimate objectives and meeting client needs, right now.

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