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Marketing Platform Gift2Grow Brings Simple Referral Marketing To Realtors And Professionals

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Joel Siedenburg, CEO at Gift2Grow:

Joel Siedenburg

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Gift2Grow?

A: After being in marketing for 15 years and owning an agency, I set out to create a SaaS product for small businesses to drive sales and customer love without marketers or an agency, in a better way — selflessly and with gratitude. It’s based on a concept that isn’t new. Giving value, gifts, calendars, etc. still happens all the time. The problem with that though is that it’s too expensive and time-consuming to do it on a consistent basis. Consistency is everything in marketing. Professionals lose out on opportunities because they aren’t consistently on their contacts minds when a word-of-mouth / referral opportunity comes up. Gift2Grow allows businesses to do all this at a low cost and in only 5-10 minutes per month.

Q: You’ve recently partnered with Fidelity National Title and their affiliated brands; could you tell us something more?

A: Real estate agents is one professional’s group that is getting great results using Gift2Grow. Fidelity National Title exists to help real estate agents all over the country be more successful. This being one of our primary goals as well, our partnership allows them and their subsidiary brands (Lawyers Title, Chicago Title, and Ticor Title) to refer Gift2Grow via their internal ITS Connect system. Our partnership and platform makes it easier for them to give their clients additional value that sets their sales execs up to also be more successful.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Gift2Grow?

A: Any business looking to grow their repeat customer base and by referral, who also value their community is a good fit for the Gift2Grow platform. Their contacts will respond better to receiving an item of value that they can use at a fun and high-quality business in their city. We are also looking for more local businesses in metro markets to connect with us so that we can make them available to our customers and their contacts. It’s great visibility, essentially referrals for local companies that we end up featuring.

Q: How is Gift2Grow different from other marketing tools and services?

A: • It’s selfless – customers send their contacts gift offers from other local service and experience businesses that we provide.
• It’s truly simple – takes 5-10 minutes per month to reach a customer’s 100s or 1000s of contacts
• The content is provided – personalized, branded and feature offer content is there waiting for the customer
• #2 point The content is relevant – because it’s not about the person’s business, industry trends, etc.
• Contact and list management is simple and it also integrates with Mailchimp if they already use that
• Customers use it to show their contacts love, not tell sell them on their service or product, keeping them top-of-mind without turning their contacts off

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Currently, Gift2Grow is operating in the Portland, Oregon Metro. Geographic and additional industry-specific expansion plans are underway and we will leverage our Fidelity partnership to grow into additional markets this year.

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