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Marquee Equity Helps Companies Get Meetings With Angel Investors, Venture Capital, And Private Equity Firms

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Companies – startups as well as established ones need to raise capital from investors – this week we meet a company that’s dedicated to making meeting investors simpler. We feature Marquee Equity, that in the past 18 months has helped set up more than 70,000 meetings between its clients and investors. Here’s our exclusive interview with Ash Narain, the Founder & CEO of Marquee Equity:

Q: Can you provide brief introduction to Marquee Equity?

A: We’re a service that helps companies get meetings with angel investors, venture capital firms, private equity firms and other institutional investors.

The problem most companies have, while raising capital, is there isn’t a simple way to reach out to and get meetings with investors. People rely on their personal relationships, conferences and networks – which are limited. The average capital raise takes 70-80 investors in the funnel to be able to close a deal. We help increase the number of investors in your funnel, super quickly – without you actually spending time finding investors. We deliver them to your inbox.

In addition to companies, we are also used by investment banks, startup accelerators as well as funds to source Limited Partners for their funds.

We deliver investor meetings within 24 hours of being on our platform and over a 3-4 month period, are able to deliver dozens of meetings on most deal types.

Here is a quick youtube video of me introducing Marquee

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Q: What makes Marquee effective?

A: We provide a private, discrete, one to one communication system between entrepreneurs and potential investors – something that is welcomed by investors, as it’s the start of a direct relationship between the two parties to the deal – without having an intermediary or platform in between.

Investors value proprietary deal flow and we have built tech and processes that gives them a private look into a transaction that cannot otherwise be found on public platforms or even indeed with investment bankers.

Couple that with the targeting technology we use to identify the most relevant investors (based on past investments and stated investment criteria) and our smart send and follow up protocols – and the result is a lot of inbound investor interest, super quick.

Lastly, we save our users a lot of time as our service uses analysts and technology that do the legwork of getting an investor to engage, which otherwise is a time consuming and cumbersome process.

Here is video showing examples to top notch investment firms meeting companies through our service

Q: When did you start Marquee Equity and what has your growth been like?

A: We were in data build up and development for a good 9-10 months before we went live in March 2017. We got our processes right with the few 20-30 Beta users and then began growing slightly more aggressively. We’ve gone on to work with over 500 companies since we began and are now preparing to grow even faster and open new lines and transaction categories.

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Q: Tell us more about your team and how you plan to scale it?

A: A startup is as good as the team it’s able to attract. We’ve done well on that front. We’ve created a culture of freedom, openness and ownership – which helps us attract the best talent. We’re a small team but each one of us is super dedicated to what we do and in helping our customers be as successful as possible. We understand what we do is very important to the life of a company and we go above and beyond in making it happen for our customers. Building a team that goes out and wins day after day is difficult, but ultimately a major differentiator from our customer’s standpoint – and we’ve been able to do it. We’ve got a very special combination of people and every job post we release gets 300-400 applicants. We’re lucky!

Q: What are the benefits of using Marquee Equity?

A: – a larger network of investors than any one rolodex would have access to
– consistent inflow of investors to speak to, while making no efforts to make such inflow happen
– 100% managed service with an analyst supporting you through the process with 12 hour response time guarantees

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re in the process of deploying new transaction categories and ancillary lines of service (helping companies prepare their teasers, pitch decks and financials, for example) – we’re look for longevity in all that we do so we will be laying a solid foundation for our new lines of business as we prepare to scale them over the next 3-5 years.

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