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Listen to this article is dedicated to its mission of helping build more successful and amazing organizations by providing effective development tools for employees. Mastery partners with leading video content producers to provide the largest, workplace e-learning resource library available. is owned by Mastery Technologies. Below is our interview with Bill Marker, President of Mastery Technologies:


Q: Bill, how would you describe in your own words?

A: is our HR cloud services group, which offers employers access to a catalog of hundreds of e-learning courses, primarily from the Mastery Training Content Network. Our library is the largest, standardized, workplace e-learning resource library available. is dedicated to its mission of helping build more successful and amazing organizations by providing effective development tools for employees.

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Q: Tell us something more about’s e-learning solutions?

A: Mastery offers a library of courses built on a common courseware platform. The common courseware platform provides a familiar learning experience for employees, and helps reduce the technical and administrative support for employers.

Our clients have the luxury of making course selections from Mastery’s comprehensive course library, which gives their employees access to courses that best match their workplace and specific job roles. For example, instead of being limited to one option for bloodborne pathogens training, employers can choose the best one from 15 different titles.

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Q: What are main benefits of using Mastery’s e-learning courses?

A: Mastery’s courses stand out because they feature high-quality videos. Video-based learning surpasses typical text and graphic based courses (slideshows) by providing a more engaging and enriched learning experience. Users retain more from video, and find it more interesting.

Our e-learning courses help coach learners to master the material through interactive learning assessments. These assessments guide learners to the right answers, so they walk away with more than just a grade on a quiz.

Finally, learners benefit from the ability to access Mastery’s courses on all devices and browsers. Learners can train when it is convenient to their workflow and on whatever device is available at the moment. An employee could start a course on a smartphone, pick up where they left off on their desktop, and complete the course from a tablet.

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Q: How does Mastery differ from its competition?

A: Mastery also offers a unique licensing option for employers, the FlexSeat Subscription, which is designed so employers can offer a large library of content to all their employees.

One of the biggest differentiators setting Mastery apart from the competition is its common courseware platform. When an employer licenses a library of Mastery’s courses they can be sure their employees will experience the same learning experience no matter the topic they are training on. This makes it easy to implement a training program employees at every level of an organization. truly makes it easy for organizations to implement an effective and easy-to-use employee development program.

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