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Max Crowdfund: Real Estate Meets Technology

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Max Crowdfund (MC) was developed and is owned by Max Property Group (MPG). MPG was founded by a group of real estate professionals who share the vision to make the real estate world 100% transparent and accessible to everyone.

Max Crowdfund is an innovative addition to the MPG portfolio. It is the first and only regulated international real estate crowdfunding platform that operates on blockchain technology.

MC is expanding into additional jurisdictions through signing up exclusive partners and as MC provides the crowdfunding platform with fully automated processes, such as the KYC (Know Your Customer) approval and provides the corporate structure and banking facilities, it allows the exclusive partner to concentrate on bringing on projects and investors in their own country. This in turn allows MC to expand rapidly, without opening offices in several countries. In this way MC can work with partners who already have the expertise and knowledge, without spending a lot of time and money.

Late 2017 MPG decided to develop a real estate crowdfunding platform based on Ardor blockchain technology. This open source multichain blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform offers a parent- child chain system, meaning that Ardor is the ‘parent’ chain and MPT is the ‘child’ chain with their own native tokens called Max Property Tokens. Blockchain is all about transparency and with this technology anyone can explore all the history and details about every transaction on the blockchain. This creates a 100% transparent system, which suits the main vision of MPG perfectly.

The Max Crowdfund platform went live after a little more than two years of development and in July of 2020 obtained approval from the Dutch Financial Authorities (AFM) to allow investment in real estate backed loans from third parties. From this moment Max Crowdfund became the first regulated blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding platform in the world. In October 2020 MC already successfully funded two projects, both asset-backed loans for real estate projects: one in the Netherlands and one in the United Kingdom. Both with an interest rate of 8% and both were fully subscribed in the first month of the platform being fully operational.

Max Crowdfund plans to publish more investment opportunities in November and December of this year, backed by Dutch, German and UK real estate. In the future MC will be increasing the amount of loans it offers and the number of investors on the platform as their exclusive partners will open up new investment opportunities around the world. Because of MC there is now the possibility for property developers and investors anywhere in the world to connect and finance real estate projects through alternative financing.

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