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Mediafolio Technologies Announces General Availability Of SingleStep Intelligent Training Platform

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Mediafolio Technologies, Inc has been in business for 5 years and was founded in Seattle, Washington. They are a privately held company comprised of veterans of the software industry with deep roots in mobile platforms.

Below is our recent interview with Matt Kowalczyk, President at Mediafolio Technologies:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Mediafolio Technologies?

A: Our team consists of individuals educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, and University of Washington with experience developing software for Microsoft, Apple, Intel, and NASA.

We have developed a robust internet platform that has been used to build display control software for stadiums, 911 dispatch centers, corporate theaters, and most recently for intelligent training software for hotels and cruise lines.

Our flagship platform is known as SingleStep and is in use by hotels worldwide.

Q: You’ve recently announced general availability of SingleStep intelligent training platform; could you tell us something more?

A: SingleStep is a mobile training platform that was built from the ground up to integrate in a hotel environment. We established ourselves by developing mobile training applications in the most challenging hospitality environment on the planet, the cruise industry. We have optimized our current technology to deliver intelligent training to employees in hotels.

Our platform helps manage the massive employee turnover found in each hotel property. The turnover rate for non-management hotel employees can range from 50%-200% annually, thus there is a need for continuous training of the workforce. With help from our integration partners, like Amadeus, ALICE, Oracle and Assa Abloy, we are able to anticipate a task an employee is about to start and promote instructional content in our mobile application to help an employee complete that task. You can think of us as a virtual supervisor or peer that provides guidance on day to day tasks.

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Q: What exactly sets you apart?

A: SingleStep delivers intelligent training just in time. We leverage data from our integration partners to construct a contextual map of how hotel employees do their job. We leverage that context to anticipate what tasks an employee may be assigned, and then we promote instructional content to that employee to help them complete that task. To the best of my knowledge, we are the first in the industry that has been able to accurately accomplish this feat. Don’t think of us as a traditional LMS, but more of a virtual job assistant or virtual peer who help you complete your day to day tasks.

There are three fundamental aspects of our business that set SingleStep apart:

1. SingleStep is effective—we deliver training content in bite size pieces of information, known as microtraining. This instructional content is delivered exactly when a task is about to commence. Studies have shown that instruction delivered in this manner has a much higher rate of retention than other methods.
2. SingleStep is Integrated—SingleStep utilizes the existing infrastructure of the hotel to not only feed our context engine so that we can deliver precise content in real time, it enhances the value of that technology that already exist—like in room technology such as Bluetooth doorlocks, Property Management systems like Oracle’s Opera, and Service Optimization Software like Amadeus HotSOS.
3. SingleStep is efficient-it reduces the training burden for supervisors and minimizes the need for off the job training, so employees can begin to work right away.

Q: Matt, you’ve worked in hospitality for a number of years; how much did that help you get where you are today?

A: While I spent so much time inside of various hotels, I learned a few common traits. On the job training was substantially lacking in each venue. I also recognized that most hotels were spending tens of thousands of dollars each year on technology, and that technology mostly was underutilized. The combination of these two traits provided an opportunity where we could leverage this large technology investment to create a much better employee education program. That would create a win-win. The hotel would spend less money on educating employees, and the ROI on the technology investments would increase. It was a unique perspective that only our company has recognized.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: It is our goal to optimize training for every employee in hospitality, aggregating instructional content from as many vendors as possible, and creating a must have job assistant that no employee can live without. The only way to make this happen is by establishing SingleStep as THE intelligent training platform. Our context engine sets us apart, and it makes intelligent learning possible.

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