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Bring My Song To Life Is A Music-As-A-Gift Company Providing Custom Made Songs For Special Occasions

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Below is our recent interview with Chris Erhardt, Co-founder and COO at Bring My Song To Life:

Q: Chris, what is Bring My Song To Life?

A: Bring My Song To Life is a music-as-a-gift company providing custom made songs for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other celebratory events. No songwriting or music production skills are required. Clients simply tell us the story they want the song to tell and our team of songwriters and music producers do the rest, converting their story into a custom song telling their story through the lyrics. The company was officially founded in 2019 but has been providing the service as early as 2016 as a side business.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: The biggest highlight of the most recent press release is the fact that Bring My Song To Life is the only music-as-a-gift company that offers a 100% money back guarantee. The reason why we can do this is because our musicians are in-house. Contrary to other competitive companies that outsource the entire music creation process to amateur musicians, all of our songs are written, composed and produced in-house by full time professional musicians. Therefore, we can stand behind our service 100%, fully knowing that the result is always a professional recording, similar in quality to songs you would hear on the radio by major label artists.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: The offering is really straightforward. Anyone with a special event coming up, looking for a unique way to celebrate it, or for a unique way of giving a special gift to a loved one would probably love what we’re offering. Most of our clients use our service to celebrate their wedding anniversary but we’ve seen people come to us for all sorts of occasions.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: We’re happy with how the company grew in 2022 and are looking to continue that growth over the next six months. Other than that, some of the plans include becoming more efficient internally and automating some of the non-music related aspects of the business. We’re now reaching a point of scale where we can no longer operate this business as a small business and therefore need to look at more scalable solutions to handle some of the administrative tasks that come with running a company.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: In 2016, we founded a company now called Tunedly which features an online recording studio for professional and semi-professional songwriters. That business quickly became one of the market leaders in online music production for songwriters in the U.S. However, as we were growing that business, we always had non-songwriting leads reach out to us asking if we could create a song for them for special occasions and we always took on those projects under our main business without ever advertising that service. The first project of that kind came through in 2016 and was for a wedding in Australia. As the requests for this kind of service grew over time, we decided to create the brand Bring My Song To Life to advertise this type of service without confusing users of our other brand that is targeted towards professional songwriters. Having said that, due to this founding story of Bring My Song To Life, we actually still share the same roster of musicians with Tunedly, meaning if you hire Bring My Song To Life to create a song for your special occasion, you actually have some seriously professional musicians working on your song, some of whom have won awards and worked with major label artists from across the world.

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