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Meet ClaimMaster – Software Tools For Automated Patent Drafting and Proofreading

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Dmitry Brant, President & Founder at ClaimMaster:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to ClaimMaster?

A: ClaimMaster is a library of automated tools for streamlining patent drafting and prosecution. Our users are typically intellectual property professionals who are drafting new patent applications or corresponding with the Patent Office. We help them prepare documents in less time and with fewer errors by automating many of the patent-related operations within Microsoft Word.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: The work of a patent attorney often involves a lot of repetitive writing and is prone to errors. We automate many of the mechanical drafting and proofreading steps, saving attorneys time and allowing them to focus on more substantive writing and analysis. For example, we can automatically generate portions of the patent specification and figures from existing claims, create shell responses to the USPTO’s Office Actions, fill-out most of the USPTO forms (e.g., IDS forms) with bibliographic data, insert boilerplate paragraphs into text, manipulate amendments in claim sets, and perform dozens of other time-saving tasks for patent attorneys and paralegals. In addition, we provide a complete set of proofreading tools to ensure that the documents submitted to the Patent Office do not have errors.

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Q: How is ClaimMaster able to check patent documents for errors and inconsistencies?

A: Patent proofreading is difficult because patents are typically dense, detailed documents that are written using the special “legalese” style and precise terminology. Therefore, human patent proofreaders need to exhibit great attention to detail because even small errors in patent specification and claims could lead to serios problems later in courts. On the other hand, automated proofreading software is perfect for such tedious proofreading – its attention doesn’t lapse with time, so that it can always catch even the smallest of issues in patent documents.

Our software checks patent applications and Office Action responses for the standard problems, such as inconsistent part numbers in specification and figures, missing antecedents in claims, incorrect claim numbers and dependencies, wrong status identifiers, claim terms without support in the specification, use of “patent profanities” that may limit claim scope, acronym misuse, and many others. To deal with a huge variety in patent drafting styles and technical terminology, we use robust natural-language processing technologies and constantly test our tools on new documents and issues reported by our customers. This allows us to improve the accuracy of error detection and cut down on the false positives.

Q: How does ClaimMaster compare to competitor products?

A: Some of our competitors offer cloud-based proofreading products. In contrast, ClaimMaster runs locally within Microsoft Word and has many advantages over these solutions while still providing accurate proofreading and drafting features. First, ClaimMaster is inherently more secure – it does not require attorneys to upload their unpublished application drafts into the 3rd party cloud, thus avoiding all of the cloud-related security and data exposure risks for such highly sensitive documents. In addition, because ClaimMaster is natively integrated with Word, it performs many unique automation and text-editing tasks that cannot be replicated in the competitor’s cloud-based products. And, finally, because we are a small, flexible company that operates without significant overhead, we can offer our product at a reasonable price to make it affordable to both large firms and smaller IP boutiques.

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Q: What are your plans moving forward?

A: With legal budgets shrinking, the attorneys are under the constant pressure to do more in less billable time. Therefore, there is always room for automation tools that help attorneys complete their projects with less overhead and fewer mistakes! Going forward, we will continue improving our software to help patent professionals avoid common pitfalls in application drafting and save time on tasks that can be automated with AI and natural language processing.

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