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Meet CryptoMove – The Most Advanced Secrets Management Platform On The Market

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CryptoMove is the most advanced secrets management platform on the market, leveraging moving target defense, best-in-class UX/UI, and modern API integrations to provide a key vault that is easier to use, more scalable, and more enterprise security focused than current solutions. Below is our recent interview with Andrea Bailiff-Gush, Product Marketing Advisor at CryptoMove:

Q: What types of products do you offer to your clients?

A: Our solution set consists of a cloud-native key vault that securely stores and shares API keys, private keys and other sensitive data. Our key vault provides an alternative for DevOps who may have previously emailed or Slacked exposed passwords within their organization, making this sensitive data susceptible to an attack.

The power of the CryptoMove key vault lies in its utilization of moving target defense (MTD) technology to continuously fragment, replicate, re-encrypt, compress and mutate this information creating a redundant and secure protection paradigm. It accomplishes this in three simple steps;

Step 1: CryptoMove fragments, encrypts and mutates data.
Step 2. The data fragments move and re-encrypt continuously in the cloud across CryptoMove nodes.
Step 3: CryptoMove’s decentralized ledge recovers these fragments.

The CryptoMove key vault is available as a SaaS solution as well as an on-premise solution, and presently offers integrations with the Jenkins automation tool and with CircleCI continuous integration and delivery platform.

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Q: You’ve recently been selected as a top technology at Air Force’s AFWERX Multi-Domain Operations Showcase; could you tell us something more?

A: The U.S. military is pushing forward a new model of technology innovation and contracting that is faster, more cost-effective, and better able to deliver cutting-edge results. A prime example is the Air Force’s AFWERX program. AFWERX was established in 2017 to spur a new type of innovation in collaboration with academia and industry. AFWERX moves away from the legacy system of contracts captured by a small number of major players and instead creates open challenges that spur inventive, collaborative solutions from the government, academia, and/or the private sector with non-traditional sources, including early-stage startups like CryptoMove.

One central way that AFWERX achieves this goal is through challenges. These challenges identify a specific Air Force need and then open it up to all players to submit ideas and proposed solutions. Those proposals are evaluated, and the top-ranked ideas have a chance to take part in the showcase at AFWERX Fusion. The highest-scoring solutions at AFWERX Fusion are featured at a subsequent demo event, after which the Air Force makes decisions about contract offers. CryptoMove had the opportunity to participate in the ninth challenge led by AFWERX, the Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) Showcase. After announcing the Challenge, AFWERX received over 300 submissions to help meet one or more components of this solution. 100 of those, including CryptoMove, were chosen as finalists for the AFWERX Fusion showcase based on criteria such as feasibility, scalability, applicability to the MDO need, and warfighter impact. In September, AFWERX will host an event for the top 20–30 to do a more in-depth demo, and this event will guide the Air Force to their preferred vendors.

CryptoMove’s moving target defense (MTD) technology provides a compelling response to the MDO Challenge’s security and data protection needs. An MTD platform enables robust, dynamic protection for DevSecOps in an MDO system including its application to Kubernetes, cloud networks, and edge devices.

AFWERX Fusion will provide an opportunity for CryptoMove to engage with experts and decision-makers and illustrate how MTD is a game-changing approach that flips the attack surface to benefit defenders.

Q: How are your disrupting tech and cyber security market?

A: All of today’s encryption will inevitably fail due to faster computers, cryptographic attack, and quantum. And data at rest is an easy static and stationary target. So how can we protect data? By moving and mutating it continuously.

CryptoMove is the world’s first data protection key vault to present a paradigm shift to security by utilizing globally patented moving target defense (MTD) principles for entropy and randomness and offering deep technical innovation built from scratch down to the programming language. Our B2B clients can manage their data and passwords seamlessly, integrate with their core business systems programmatically, and achieve unparalleled data security to avoid detection by attackers.

CryptoMove use cases include protecting a variety of infrastructure and devices from containers and microservices, to analytics, Kubernetes, IoT & edge devices and even drones and autonomous vehicles. These use cases have been developed by leading institutions, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) via its Silicon Valley Innovation Program, the Air Force via AFWERX, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) via its Global Smart Cities Challenge as well as the private sector from Fortune 500 financial services, insurance, technology, healthcare, entertainment, and other organizations.

CryptoMove is emerging as the validated and trusted data security and secrets management solution for federal cloud, microservices, drones and IoT infrastructure.

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Q: I read something about your new Chrome browser plugin – why is it important and what can it do?

A: Our new Chrome browser extension protects sensitive data such as passwords shared across online channels you use every day such as Gmail, Twitter, GitHub and Slack using moving target defense. Once uploaded to the CryptoMove Key Vault, the data is continuously and dynamically split up, fragmented, spread out, encrypted and mutated across the cloud until needed.

Our new browser extension is available through the Chrome Web Store here.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: CryptoMove plans to continue scaling its go-to-market team and development team by hiring top tech talent. The long-term goal for the product is to continue providing powerful functionality for its most important use cases including Kubernetes, blockchain, and database management. It also plans to add more integrations with critical tools in the DevOps technology stack including Slack, SendGrid, Appcues, Github and Gmail. Built as an open platform, we’ll add new APIs that meet the growing demand for how DevOps prefers to manage their security posture.

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