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Meet Evvnt – The Best Place To Promote Your Event Online

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Richard Green, CEO of Evvnt:

Richard Green

Q: Richard, what is Evvnt?

A: Evvnt is a digital events marketing platform that provides event organizers with innovative software to make sure events have the largest possible reach. Evvnt can simplify the process of locating, attracting and ensuring that people attend events.

Q: How does your platform work?

A: With a network of more than 3,500 partner websites used for marketing events, Evvnt’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool delivers widespread awareness of events by automating the listing process which is then aggregated among thousands of other sites – saving event organizers time and money. Evvnt provides a turnkey event promotion service to add value to event calendars and generate revenue for various audiences. We are seeing great interest from the publishing and newspaper industries. For instance, a local publication that wants to get the word out about a variety of events may turn to Evvnt. With a click of a button, events in the area are automatically syndicated to relevant listing sties and interest groups to advertise events and drive ticket sales.

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Q: You recently spoke at several conferences on the subject of looking at events as a great way to increase revenue? How so?

A: We have seen tremendous success with media and publishing companies that are looking for ways to augment their business and increase revenue. For decades we have seen newspapers and news sites showcasing events content with no clearly defined premium offering that delivers accountable marketing. By incorporating event discovery on publishing channels with the Evvnt premium marketing technology, media companies have large revenue generating opportunity in this untapped $58 billion dollar market. We provide the opportunity to make publications the ‘go-to’ source for local event advertising and we have a quick and easy way for newspapers to continue to be the go-to source for local news and community engagement.

Q: How can technology help organizations host a successful event?

A: Technology has made a huge impact on the events world. A number of technologies are used to deliver a better customer experience and customers are now demanding the latest and greatest when it comes to the most interactive experience. As the industry continues to explode, so do customer expectations. Organizers can host an engaging event that will deliver value for the attendees and ensure enough people at their events to maximize profits. We’ve seen technology explode on both sides of an event. For instance, attendees want an interactive experience that is engaging and compelling. Virtual reality (VR) is a good example of how to make this happen. We are seeing VR at all manner of events and the experience ranges from the subtle to the immersive. VR also offers an exciting way of enjoying events in new ways. Events like concerts and festivals can be enhanced through virtual attendance – an increasingly popular feature. Technology is also used as a valuable tool for creating more buzz about an event, particularly through social media.

In today’s disparate world where consumers look to numerous channels for information, Evvnt ensures each event supplied it distributed and published to the best event listing channels based on category and location of the event. Technology from mobile hardware to software enable a fast and efficient event experience.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: As a premium event distribution platform we serve as a turnkey solution that turns event listings into significant revenue generators. Based in the UK, we have just launched into the U.S. market and have hired a new business development and market strategist for the U.S.– Kelsey Kearns. Based in Texas, Kearns brings her love of journalism and passion for connecting media with great technology. She has worked with publications all over the U.S. to help them turn their print ads into online marketing and help Evvnt succeed in the U.S. As part of our strategic focus to expand into the U.S. we specifically wanted to work with market leading brands and companies. We have a partnership with Hearst, one of the world’s largest media groups where Evvnt provides its events discovery technology to two flagship online titles with more to be added over the rest of the year and into 2019. We are currently working with SFGate and SeattlePI and look forward to expanding this relationship to Hearst’s many flagship sites where we can create a huge online footprint for local event organizers.

2018 will see the Evvnt technology being rolled out across U.S. newspapers ensuring the Evvnt premium best in class campaign based marketing services are made available to venues and event organizers as they need it. 2019 will see event marketers being connected with increased marketing distribution channels such as calendar featured, email, deals, print and voice search.

As we see increased consumer searches via multiple media channels, we will continue to serve the need for targeted distribution from a single event submission.

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