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Meet Ezier – The Service Marketplace Where Good Business Practices Are Promoted And Constant Information Is Cherished

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Eduardo Garcia, the Founder of Ezier:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Ezier?

A: Imagine a place where you can safely find the best provider for your needs and your budget. A place free of fake reviews, spam, and where providers aren’t at the top of your search because they paid more, but rather at the top because they are the best for you. Where any service you need, being it local or remote, in this country or in any other, is just a click away.

Welcome to Ezier, the service marketplace where good business practices are promoted and accurate and constant information is cherished. We are different than any other service marketplace you have visited. We’re dedicated to providing users with only relevant and honest feedback, reviews and data, so that our members hire the right provider for them and have the best experience.

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Q: Why did you start Ezier?

A: I was born and grew up in Peru, where I was able to establish a good career and worked extensively with top companies. I was blessed with the experience of working and learning from startups and small companies and their struggles to survive, and the growing pains of medium and large companies in the unrelenting world of merges and acquisitions. In addition, I was proud of my team composed of 200+ had working employees, but I knew I needed a bigger challenge so I decided to move to the states.

To my surprise, my work experience and everything I had accomplished in Peru meant very little here, so I decided to start again from scratch as a freelancer. That is how I discovered some freelancing sites and decided to try them.

After many days and nights of hard work, I managed to grow my customer base and then was able to create my software company Znerg. After using these sites for a few months, I noticed some fundamental flaws.

With 20 years of experience, working on both sides of business transactions, as a customer and as a provider, I knew that there was a need for a new service marketplace where customers are presented with the most accurate information about the providers they are planning to hire. Also, there was the great opportunity to leverage on people social network to find out recommendations and many more potential improvements. That is how Ezier was born.

Q: How exactly does it work?

A: It is very simple.

For providers, it takes less than 2 minutes to create their free account. By selecting the services they provide and the skills they have to offer, we are able to quickly and easily find them jobs where they’ll excel. We also provide many other complimentary tools to improve their profile and increase their chances of being selected.

For customers, our easy to use app, allows users to browse through the wide array of services supported by Ezier. Users have the choice to find providers by manually going through each profile relevant to their service search or by using our intelligent filtering criteria to narrow down the search for the top providers for their specific job. We are different then other sites, we have customers send invitations to the providers they want, based on feedback and reviews, rather then providers overwhelming customers with solicitations.

Once a provider gets an invitation for a Job, they can either send a quote to the customer or deny the job if they don’t feel it’s right from them. The customer can then compare quotes from different providers, ask for re quote if needed, and select the provider they want. Once the customer has made their decision, the provider is notified and the job is created.

Every time the provider meets a milestone, the customer needs to approve the deliverable or work done, and then the provider is paid. Once the work is completed, the customer and provider are both required to leave feedback for each other. Ezier makes this mandatory for every job and every user. The reason why Ezier makes reviews mandatory is to improve the entire community. Feedback helps providers constantly improve their services, and gives customers the most accurate, up to date history and complete picture of who every provider is.

For customers Ezier is completely free to use. Providers or freelancers pay the lowest rate in the market: 7.90% plus $1 for the first transaction with a new customer, and 5.90% plush $1 for all subsequent transactions with that customer paid over the platform. Our fee includes credit card processing and handling, so what you see is what you pay, there is never a hidden fee.

In honor of our launch, we have a limited time offer where every transaction is only 3.90% plus $1 for the first three months for any users who signs up between now and February 1st.

Q: What makes your platform so good for both, customers and providers?

A: Ezier’s core principle is our commitment to make our platform the most reputable marketplace in the world, where everything is merit based. You won’t be presented with a provider as top pick because of fees or advertising. Everything is based on performance and customer satisfaction.

We have local services, remote services, personal services and business services. Almost every service is included in Ezier.

Ezier is a community for both customers and providers, where the sharing of information and knowledge only enhances everyone’s experience. We level the playing field so that the small business owner or sole proprietor can compete with larger firms. On Ezier a bigger advertisement budget does not get you more work, but rather consistently providing an outstanding service and customer experience will keep job requests flowing in.

Also, our commitment to provide the best customer experience by creating a mobile app that provides 100% the same experience as our web app.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Ezier that people might not know about?

A: Ezier is available in multiple countries, so if you are looking for a remote service you don’t have to limit yourself to just the US. I myself am from Peru, and for my own business I have hired many talented professional from there who produce amazing work at a fair price. Ezier’s intuitive feedback systems take a lot of worry out of hiring an overseas provider. Many of our early customers have told us that they were extremely hesitant to ever hire an overseas provider, because of horror stories they have heard. However after joining Ezier they said that with the vast amount of information on each provider they have enough information to feel comfortable making those hires and that those hires have been some of the best decisions they’ve made.

We also have just put in a new feature where by sharing your friends network, you will be able to see providers they have hired, and their reviews of those providers, allowing you to eliminate the need to ask everyone in your network who they recommend, since it will all be in front of you in a click.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: My goal for Ezier is to have it become the de facto place to go for any local or remote service. More importantly though we want to be known as the platform where you know that the reviews and feedback you are reading are accurate and honest. We will stand out from the rest by putting the betterment of the community over our bottom lines.

Our first goal to making this happen is to establish a strong presence with a significant number of providers in the top 10 cities around the globe.

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