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Meet ICONA – A Canadian Based Online Marketing Agency Servicing Law Firms

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Below is our recent interview with Dave Taillefer, Founder & Director of ICONA:

Dave Taillefer

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to ICONA?

A: We’re a long standing Canadian based online marketing agency servicing law firms. We’re experienced, smart and personable, and we like to partner up with law firms, working to improve their success by building websites that convert.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: We build and promote online campaigns for law firms, building out a strategy from a value proposition. We help our clients articulate their vision and values. With nearly 20 years experience, we offer a suite of digital marketing services and can integrate our work into any stage of a marketing cycle. Our process is consultative and collaborative, and we partner with our clients to better understand their goals. ICONA brings a unique and sound strategy to all firms.

A few of the services we offer:

Consultation Services: we evaluate a firm’s current strategy. We look to see what’s working and what should be stopped, changed, or continued.

Brand and Communication Services: Creative work based on sound market intelligence. We help firms with Value Propositions, Logo and Identities and Copywriting.

Creative and Production Services: Using insight into what makes a law firm unique amongst the competition, we articulate their vision to create meaningful relationships with prospective clients through Content Development, Photography, and Creative Work.

User Experience (UX) Services: UX design is about creating websites that actually do what you want them to do. We apply a heavy dose of conversion optimization to make the most of your website traffic.

Website Design and Development Services: We combine best practices with testing and reiteration to get it right for your firm. We deliver a responsive mobile-first interface that converts.

Inbound Marketing Services: We always design and build with SEO in mind. We work with our clients on developing a Content Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Advertising that drive sales. We back these efforts with clear and transparent reporting.

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Q: Why is content important, and how can it connect law firms with potential clients?

A: Content connects law firms with clients. Content is the one opportunity to stand out from the crowd, to showcase what sets a law firm apart and why prospects should choose a particular firm over the competition. Content can highlight expertise through thought leadership in the form of informative articles, blogs, and social media posts. Content is a great way to build credibility with prospective clients, and it can anticipate important questions before they are asked:

• “Does this lawyer know what they’re talking about?”
• “Do they have experience handling cases like mine?”
• “Can I work with them?”

Q: What makes you the best choice for any law firm?

A: We’re not necessarily the best choice for all law firms. We’re a small boutique agency and we are best partnered with sole practitioners, and small to mid-sized firms with a dedicated marketing budget. We’re not ‘sales-y’ and we won’t make puffed up promises to win business. We have nearly twenty years experience in building and promoting websites, and we believe that our work speaks for itself. We offer talent, experience, skill and business integrity which ultimately drives results – this formula makes for good business and our long standing clients can attest to that.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: At its heart, ICONA is a lifestyle business. While we support our clients 24/7 – we reserve weekends and holidays to be with friends and family. This work life balance is paramount to the health of our business, and it’s why we do what we do. While we need to pay the bills, we’re not in this industry to milk clients. We offer measurable value in return for long term relationships. We know our competition, and we differentiate ourselves by offering high quality over high volume. So the future looks much the same as the present, as we maintain our philosophy of building good work out of good relationships.

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